It Just Happens

May 31, 2010
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Have you ever met someone and instantly known that you were going to be great friends? Well, I can honestly say that has never happened to me. I was always the outcast in elementary and middle school, and it got even worse in high school. My mother was the popular, cheerleader type who could have friends at the snap of her finger. I don’t have that magic power. I am basically invisible. I wonder how people can make friends and trust in them to be there for you when you need them the most. I’ve learned to stand on my own. I hope one day I can meet a true friend.
Laughter and voices fill the hallway as the bell rings, signaling the end of the day. People rush from all sides and surround me in the crowded halls. I feel like an orange in a field of apple trees. Everyone pushes from all sides, and I feel myself getting smaller and smaller, slinking away into the shadows of nothingness. I am being shoved around, and suddenly I fall to the ground. Books and homework spray out everywhere on the dirty school floors. I look up to find people stepping around me, oblivious to the loner girl on the ground. I try to gather my books, so I can quickly escape this horrible place. I reach for my last book, but someone picks it up for me. I glance up to see a cute guy with brown hair and pretty blue eyes.
“Thanks,” I mumble as he hands over the book. He smiles at me, sea-blue eyes shining, and walks away.
After that interesting incident, I rush out of school as soon as possible to my favorite place, the coffee shop. The parking lot of the school is filled with people chatting and enjoying the company of friends. Around me, there is no one except the crisp, cold air breezing through my blond hair. I walk down the street, hugging my books to my chest. I try to remain invisible. Up ahead, I see the coffee shop by the ocean. It is the only place I can escape to, and I love it. I order an iced coffee and sit outside to listen to the waves. The water sparkles as bright sunshine reflects off the smooth surface. Looking out at the large, vast world before me makes me feel so small.
I study for my huge science exam coming up on Monday. I absolutely loathe science because of the difficulty I have with it. The wind blows hard, and my papers fly everywhere. I frantically scramble to try and get them. Papers fly away down the beach, and my hope for the day seems to go with them. The annoying little problems of my day overpower me. This problem just adds to my pile, making my life more stressful and complicated. For a few minutes, I try to relax and listen to the ocean. I wonder what it would be like to float away, careless. You would never have anything to worry about. I finish my iced coffee and go home, yearning for my sweet bed.
When I get home, I pull the covers over my head to escape the world around me. My muscles relax, and I know I will sleep well tonight. Suddenly there is a bang at my door. My mom charges in with an irritated look on her face.
“Lexi, it’s a Friday night!” she screams, “and you’re sitting under your covers. Why don’t you go out with some friends or something?” She has never approved of my independence.
“Fine mom,” I exclaim, “Whatever makes YOU happy.” As she walks away, I change into my running clothes and escape out of my window to the beach.
I start running, and my muscles seem to relax. I breathe in the beautiful sea air and watch the birds fly. I love to run and observe the world around me. A group of people catch my attention. They seem to be having an exciting time with their friends. I must have not been paying attention, as usual, because suddenly I am knocked to the ground again. Anger pumps through my veins as I glance up. The guy from school, the one who stopped and picked up my book, is towering over me. His blue eyes seem to glow even more as he stares down at me.
“You seem to fall a lot today,” he says with a smile. I can’t help but laugh at myself.
He reaches his hand out to pull me up, and suddenly sparks fly. I can feel my face getting red with embarrassment. I smile at him and ignore the weird feelings I have.
“The least I can do is get you an ice cream after knocking you over two times today. Right?” he mutters with a cute laugh.
“I don’t even know your name,” I reply, hesitant.
“Oh, I’m Cam, short for Cameron,” he says, flashing a smile.
“I’m Lex, short for… well, Lexi.” I mumble.
After our brief introductions, we walk up to the local ice cream shop. I look around and try to take in everything. For once, someone is being nice to me, and it’s a boy too! We order ice cream, and surprisingly we both order mint chocolate chip. We talk for hours about school, sports, and just about everything. We have many things in common. I’m truly shocked at how easily I get along with Cam. I feel like I’ve known him for years, even though I only met him today. For once, I’ve actually found one person who can be a good friend. Part of me wants to let him in, but another part hesitates.
As we walk down the beach, some people from our school pass by. Shouts of “loser” and “dork” fly through the air, and I know exactly who they are directed at. I look at Cam to find shock written all over his face. I start to run away, telling myself it was a mistake to even try. I hear footsteps behind me, but I keep sprinting faster. Obviously I am not fast enough because suddenly Cam grabs my shoulder and stops me.
“Hey,” he says sweetly, “I don’t care what other people say. I know you were amazing and totally different the first moment I saw you. I know how I feel about you, and no one is going to change my mind.”
My brain completely stops as Cam’s words fill my ears. I can’t believe what I am hearing. This can’t be happening. I think I need to pinch myself to escape my dreams.
“No, you don’t. You just started school here. You don’t want to wreck your reputation because of some stupid girl,” I mumble.
“Lexi, how can you say that? I’ve spent an amazing day with you. There must be something between us because we wouldn’t have run into each other two times in the same day. What people think doesn’t matter, as long as I have a great friend like you,” he replies confidently, and I know I’m not dreaming.
We hold hands as we walk down the beach and watch the sunset. Everything seems perfect. I walk to the ocean’s edge and feel the brisk, cold water splashing my toes. After that, we just enjoy the time we have together. We end up on my doorstep as the last rays of sun disappear.

“I had an unbelievable day today,” I mutter to Cam, trying to hide a huge smile.

“Well, if you wouldn’t have run into me two times, it never would have happened,” Cam replies. He seems like an amazing guy. The fact that I have the sweetest guy in the world on my doorstep still hasn’t sunk in.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around. I might run into you again,” I say, laughing to myself. I kiss him lightly on the cheek before going inside.

I feel so alive and happy. Adrenaline pumps through my veins as I replay my day. I lie in bed and think about how I’ve finally gotten what I asked for. I hope that I run into Cam a lot more so that we can become close friends. I find myself trusting him even though it might be a leap of faith. I can’t help but smile at how my day has turned around. Sometimes when you least expect it, it just happens.

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horsesfan101 said...
Jun. 16, 2010 at 5:12 pm
This is a very good story. :) hahaha, and I love it. :D
bballer17 replied...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 12:12 pm
awh thank you very much. :) im glad u think so.
gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 4:37 pm

AWWWW!  So sweet, very encouraging and hopeful. Great job.

Btw, will you check out my work and comment on it?

bballer17 replied...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 4:14 pm
thank you. :) i appreciate it. i will definitely read ur work n comment.
gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jun. 15, 2010 at 4:27 pm
Thanks alot!
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