My Life Is What I Like To Call Unpredictable (Chapter Twelve)

June 5, 2010
By Anonymous

I woke up to Lillian knocking on my door, Bentley and I both jumped, and I rolled over away from him, “hi, Sere-” she broke off when she saw Bentley, then she grinned at me, “is this him?”
I nodded, she beamed, “he’s cute, Serenity!” she gushed, and then she said quietly, “you have to be getting to school.”
I nodded, “Bentley, this is my best friend, Lillian, by the way.”
He grinned, “don’t you need to get home?” I asked him, “you have to change clothes.”
He shook his head, and grabbed a bag from beside the bed, “I thought I might need this.”
I pretended to scowl at him, “and just why did you think that?”
“Because you can’t tell me no,” he said playfully.
I smirked, “you’re right, unfortunately.”
“How is that unfortunate? I think it’s great,” he said.
I laughed, “oh, great.”
I turned back to Lillian, and saw her appraising us with genuine interest, I could tell she had questions for me, I turned back around to Bentley, “well, you can go use the bathroom to get dressed.”
He looked at Lillian as she said goodbye to us, and shut the door behind her, “I think I’ll just change in here,” he said, smirking.
He got up then, and took his pants off, my jaw dropped when I saw him in just his boxers, which had cute little frogs on them. He put another pair of jeans on from his bag, and then he took his shirt off and turned to me, “like what you see, babe?” he said, jokingly.
“Ha ha.” I said, ignoring his question, and trying to ignore his particularly built chest and abs. He pulled his shirt on, and then sat back down on the bed, “you can go get dressed in the bathroom, now, if you want,” he said, obviously trying to push my limits.
I smiled tightly, went over to my clothes, and pulled out one of my tighter shirts (I wanted to wear them while I still could), and then pulled mine off, “do you like what you see?” I said to him.
He was staring at me, but trying not to, I smiled at him, and then pulled my shirt on. He took a deep breath, as if to calm himself, and then watched me pull my pants off, and put my jeans on.
I sat back down next to him, and smiled at him, “so, you ready to go eat?”
He took several deep breaths, “no,” he said huskily.
“And just why not?”
He seemed to look down for a moment, and back at me, “I want you so bad, Serenity.”
I kissed him softly, and he deepened it quickly, as if knowing I was going to pull away from him, he put his arms around me tightly, but not too tight.
He moved his mouth down to my neck, “you taste so good,” he murmured into my neck.
“I probably have morning breath,” I said
He shook his head, “no, no,” he whispered, and then moved his lips back to my mouth, kissing me again, “Bentley, we can’t,” I whispered.
“Why not?” he said, hungrily.
I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, “we have to get to school, Bentley. I’m already going to be missing a lot after a while.”
He pulled away from me, “will we ever, Serenity?” he asked.
I stared at him, “I can’t tell you the future, Bentley. But if you don’t want to stay with me… I’ll understand.”
“I’m not going to leave you if we don’t have sex, stupid. I’m in love with you, not in lust with you.”
I laughed at him, “that’s a funny saying, in lust.”
He smiled and kissed me again, “if we don’t, I’ll understand, babe.” He got up then, and held his hand out to me. He helped me up and we walked out to the kitchen, Mom almost dropped her plate. “Oh, hi, Bentley,” she said.
“Hi Mrs. Shining.”
She grinned, “call me Brenda.”
She looked at me with questions in her eyes, I simply answered the one I knew was foremost in her mind, “no, it is not his.”
Her gaze went from me to Bentley, and then back again, “oh,” she said.
I smiled, “I didn’t get with Bentley until afterwards, which is more of a regret for me, than you can possibly imagine.”
He looked at me with understanding, and intertwined his fingers through mine, “what would you like to eat, Bentley?” she asked him.
“Um, whatever you have is fine.”
I smiled and let go of his hand, going to the cabinet, I reached up on my tiptoes to get a box of cereal, and noticed him staring at me when I turned around. I winked at him and then grabbed a bowl, pouring the cereal in, and then I got some milk and poured that in as well.
I grabbed a spoon and sat down at the table, while Mom chatted with Bentley while she microwaved some bacon. I smiled at him every time he looked at me, and then ate as quickly as I could. He got his bacon, sat down and ate that, and I finished before he did.
“I’ll be right back,” I said quickly, and ran to the bathroom before throwing up. I wiped my mouth, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, put eyeliner on, and then walked back in the kitchen.
“You look pretty, honey,” Mom said.
I smiled at her, “thanks, Mom. You ready Bentley?”
“Yeah, just let me go brush my teeth.”
He left and when I looked at Mom, she gave me a stern look, “did he sleep here last night, young lady?”
I nodded, “but, Mom, I’m already pregnant, and it’s not like we did anything for goodness sake.”
She shrugged, “I guess you’re right, but old habits die hard.”
I smiled at her, “I love you, Mom. And I am truly blessed to have you in my life,” I told her, and gave her a hug.
She beamed at me and hugged me back, “why honey, that’s so sweet. And I could say the same to you. I love you, darling.”
I grinned and kissed her on the cheek as Bentley walked back in the room, “we’re going to go, Mom,” I said, and then we left towards my car.

The author's comments:
chapter twelve, fun fun!:D

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