Romans (part 2)

June 5, 2010
When I got out of school, I saw that cat again. I walked home and again, I had a companion. When I got home, I looked at the cat and went inside. I peered out the window looking to see if the cat was still there. SO, i grabbed a bowl of milk and set it down on the porch. I stayed and sat down as the cat licked up the milk. Poor creature, the most I can do is give it something. It even walked me to and back from school.

When the cat looked at me, I looked at the empty bowl. I can't look in cat's eyes. They can see through to your soul, you know. Eventually the cat left and I laid on my bed. I looked up at the ceiling for about an hour. I listened to my Ludwig and Amadeus until my eyes could not bare to stay open...

There was a shadowy figure in front of me. I was on a stage in a theatre. The figure stepped closer and I stepped back. It had a muffled chuckle an turned around. Everything was soo blurry, I couldn't make things out of anything. Then, I dropped to the ground. The dark figure stood over me.
* *

I woke up at 3 in the morning.I sighed. I put on some shoes and walked outside. The cold breeze bit into my skin. I looked in the night sky. No stars. I live in subarbs right near LA. No clear skies. I looked at my hand and wondered. Why are we so small and other stuff soo big? When I was little, I used to ask, "Why are we soo big and why are bugs soo small?"

Youth. I miss the worry free times and the miscomprehension of complex situation. As a kid, you either cry or get something to shut you up. I'm not saying I miss it too much though. I like being older. Some adults listen. When I was 5, noone cared less. Cute or not, you're a babbling baby who probably wouldn't shut up.

I walked to school when it was time to go and tried to bear more boring things that sits in mind until test time. I walked slow and tired. When I went to biology, the teacher assigned seats. I sighed. The office gave a few of us a new paper for minor adjustment to our schedule. When my name was called, I sat in my seat. Turns out noone sat next to me. Good. I don't need to be distracted.

The door opened after the teacher was done. There was Giant. Crap, the only seat not taken is with me. I hear teacher call giant to sit next to me. As he sat down, I looked away. It's not I'm trying to be mean, I just don't want trouble.

"Hey." whispered Giant looking straight at me.
"Hi." I replied with my head looking forward.

"Don't like me or something?" He said passively and did not break his gaze.

"Pay attention." I looked at him and then to the board. I wrote down the standards and waited fir the next thing to do. I looked at Giant's paper and saw a drawing of a cute gangter toddler. I laughed and wrote on his paper, "Nice."

He smiled and wrote,"So is your smile." He looked at me and smiled.

I frowned. What about my smile? I have to stop it. He likes me. "Thanks." I whispered and sinked in my chair.

When the bell rang, I stood up quickly and walked out of there. I opened my locker and put my books in. Then, I started to walk to my next class, but there was Giant.

"Hello." He smiled.

"Hi." I plain just said.

"Can I give you my number?" He muttered scratching his neck.

"Why would you?" I scoffed.

"You seem like a nice person." He replied with a more stable tone of voice.

"Don't you think I'm a jerk? I'm anything, but nice." I explained and walked away. Anything, But.

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