simply tutoring then love

June 4, 2010
it started out as a tutoring session. i was his spanish tutor. i didn't think much of him because he was after all my best friends boyfriend. but he was always staring at me and always making up more excuses for me to tutor him. he was really nice and charming. i always thought that my best friend was really lucky to be dating him. then one day she moved back to kansas and he was sad but he wasnt in love with her anymore.
as i was tutoring him, he leaned in and he kissed me. it was so unexpected so i pulled away and said "no i cant do this", he said "i love you and im pretty sure you know that and that your in love with me too." i just looked at him and he kissed me again. i didn't think any good relationship could comeout of tutoring your best friend but turns out it can. afte two years we are still together and im still his spanish tutor. we are so in love and its great. i never really believed in fairytales because i never believed in happy endings and happy ever after but i do believe that with Brandon, that i found my fairy tale ending and that i will be happly ever after.

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