Do You Wish We'd Fall In Love?

June 4, 2010
By speak. GOLD, Brea, California
speak. GOLD, Brea, California
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I gazed up at the stars as they began to appear and shivered as the air grew colder in every passing moment. Of course I was not paying attention to where I was going and rammed into someone. I almost fell but strong arms caught mine steadying me.

Looking up my simple brown eyes met gorgeous blue ones. My feeble heart skipped a beat and melted. Our breaths met each others in small clouds mixing like dancers. We didn't move for the longest time and when we did the cold had made me stiff and I almost fell again.

"I'm really sorry."I said as he said,"You should be careful not to trip."

We looked at each other and laughed. Soprano mixed with bass and our mixed laughter sounded like music. He straightened me up once more smiling and an old woman passed. She looked at us and smiled real big saying,"You two are such a cute couple."

"Oh we're not."We said and she just smiled shaking her head as she walked off.

We looked at each other and I smiled a bit saying,"Sorry about running into you, I should watch where I go."

"Maybe."He replied smiling ever so slightly to.

"Well I should be going." I spoke softly and began to turn,"Goodbye."

His hand caught mine,"Wait."

I gave the boy a quizzical look and his face went red as he jerked his hand back to his pocket. I waited watching his face and sighed my breath becoming a cloud.


"Uh, nothing sorry." He turned his head to look out at the water and didn't seem to see it.

"Well goodbye." I said once more walked away.

I glanced back once and he had not moved so I sighed again and headed for the hotel where my family was staying. It was getting late and I'd begun to shake having forgotten my jacket back in the room. In all abruptness a jacket placed itself on my shoulders and I whipped around to come face to face with the boy from before.

He smiled at me and said,"You shouldn't walk around in the winter cold around here without a jacket. It could kill you."

"Could it now?"I replied still bewildered.

"Yep."His breath clouded like mine and I caught sight of the goosebumps forming on his arms.

"Then what in the world will happen to you?"

"Nothing. I've lived here for years, got used to it."

"Oh obviously." I poked his goose-bump covered arm and raised my eyebrows.

"Okay okay. I haven't gotten used to it yet."

"You shouldn't lie to strangers you know. It's bad karma."

His eyebrows shot up,"Really? Well then would my karma get better if I took that stranger for lets say coffee to make up for it."

"Not in the slightest."I told him and smiled at his disheartened expression,"But the stranger just might forgive you."

His eyes sparkled,"Well then I know this great little shop around the corner if you would join me."

I smiled a bit more," I have to get up there, my parents will kill me if I don't check in."

His eyes became sad,"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. But tomorrow might be okay." I crossed my fingers beneath his jacket.

"Tomorrow, huh?"He seemed to ponder it for a moment and then looked at me with amused eyes,"I'll meet you here okay?"


"Okay then,"He smiled real big and began to walk backwards through the crowd,"See you then!"

I laughed and nodded heading for the door. I smiled brightly at the doorman and began to walk up the stairs. I was about five flights up when the sounds for hurried footsteps caught my ears. Someone caught my arms turning me around and making me fall forward into their arms.

"I-forgot-to-ask-for-your-name."He huffed and teetered on the edge of the step.

"Amy."I told him my cheeks heating up horribly.

"Amy."He breathed and took a step away from me,"Well Amy-WOAH!"

I gasped my hands flying over my mouth as he fell backwards down the stairs. He hit the wall with a thwack and I bolted down to see if he was alright. A bump began to form on his head growing dangerously. He groaned and as I knelt down next to him he placed his probably aching head on my stomach.

"Are you okay?"I asked breathlessly.

He looked at me cracking a smile,"Now I am."

I started to laugh,"That was so cheesy."

"Yeah it was wasn't it?" He rubbed his head laughing to.

I nodded laughing as tears fell from my eyes. Soprano met bass and our laughter danced through the stairwell. When we finally stopped trying to catch our breath we looked at each other a feeling of unbelievable happiness settling over us like a blanket.

He was so handsome; his dark brown almost black hair was mangled and messy. His cheekbones were high and his well shaped lips curved into a breathtaking smile as we sat together. For some strange unexplainable reason this felt right and wonderful.

I gently kissed the bump on his head and sat against the wall,"So I told you mine. Tell me yours."


I nodded and our gazes meet sweetly. Slowly he leaned toward me till our faces were inches away. Faintly I heard footsteps and ignored them in my stupidity. I was focused on other things and everything but Cameron went out of focus. Our lips met sending fireworks through my body and my arms wrapped around his shoulder and his around my waist.


We jerked away from each other and I smiled sheepishly at my mother as she looked down at us.

"I have to go."I whispered.

"I can see that."

Cameron help me up and smiled sheepishly at my mom,"Hello ma'am."

"Oh be quiet. Amy get up there your fathers about to call Amber Alert."

I grimaced and walked up to her. Turning as she jabbered in angry German at me I waved to Cameron and he mouthed,"See you tomorrow." I smiled and nodded mouthing ," Can't wait."

I fell asleep that night happier than I'd been in years.

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That was fantastic, very well-written, cute plot-line.  Excellent job.  Keep writing!

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