Romans (part 1)

June 4, 2010
By BalloonMuffin GOLD, La Mirada, California
BalloonMuffin GOLD, La Mirada, California
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As I walked outside my door, a cat ran up next to me. It walked next to me as I headed to school. As I stepped on the sidewalk, it looked at me and sat. I said farewell to the cat as it sprinted away. I look up and sighed. High school..

There were some tall, some small. There were some thick, some thin. Awkward, hormonal, and pubescent teenagers flooded the halls, including me.

"Hey Mai!" greeted my best friend.

"Hey." I dully replied.

"I can tell you're not nervous." she joked.

"Fortunately. What is there to be nervous about?" I asked pulling my long hair back.

"Stupid things." she complied.

The bell rang and I looked at my schedule that was mailed to me. Homeroom on the first floor. Guessing I'll have to wait to climb up the food chain. I stepped inside a classroom filled with kids my age. I only recognized about three that went to middle school with me.

"Have a seat. Announcements should be heard not something to talk over." My homeroom teacher muttered at the noisy classroom ineffectively. I sighed. 179 more school days until summer vacation. I lookes at the man ramble on and on. I could care less what he's talking about. I only stare because half the time it works on teachers from telling you to pay attention. I take out paper to draw on instead of writing down the schedule he informs us about. -Thump!


I look behind me and my ex and some friend of his were laughing. I stick my tounge out involving myself in immature behavior. I turn around and try to look productive again. Thank god I learned to make time fly by...


I walked to gym and entered the girls' locker room. I thankfully recieved a big locker from entering volleyball, softballl, and cross country. Yay me. For no reason, I looked to my side at some girl looking at me. I looked away, but her eyes burned a hole in my back. What's her problem? Eventually, I finished changing.

I walked out to the gym and lined up with the other girls facing the boys' line. Coach said we needed a partner of the opposite sex. For some stupid reason we're going to learn how to dance waltz, salsa, and tango. I sighed and looked at all the boys checking girls out wanting to be more than just a dance partner.

"Sorry ladies and gents, I'm picking the partners." Coach ordered more than apologized. She looked on her list of victims and identified them by the names on our shirts. "Torres and Aguire. Montez and Gibson,' After everyone in class besides me and some boy were called, she finally called my last name,'Aziza and Corona."

I looked at the tall guy I was paired up with. He had nice eys and looked nice. I stopped looking at him and remembered him laughing with my ex who thumped me. I sigh, he must be a jerk. He looked at me and bit his lip. Yeah Giant, you heard me sigh.

"Hi." He looked down at me greeting me passively.

"Hi?" I looked up caught off guard.

"My name is Justin." He scrathced his neck and looked to the side.

"Nice to know." I dully replied. I looked at the demonstration couple who can dance like the waves. Free and flowing, but still perfect and beautiful. I glanced back at the tall guy. This guy probably cannot dance. Great.

"So, whats your name?" He asked me looking at me in the eyes now.

Freaking me out, I looked up and gave him a suspicious look. "Mai." I waited to see if he would break the staring first.

* * * * * * * * *

The author's comments:
I haven't entered high school, but I relate to the character I have created.

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This is great, I can feel all the tension and impatience.  Awesome job!  Please write more!

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