Don't Look Back

May 29, 2010
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The music intoxicated me, poured into my body in huge doses and seeped back out through my pores. The people seemed to all blend in, spinning around, with no variations. The lights shone right through me, seemed like every aspect of my body was exposed to them. I was unified with the dancefloor, I was literally living the party. We were as one. No literal form of intoxication was needed. I was in sync with the music - the bass, the beats, the melody...

I had no way of knowing how long I was on the floor. I didn't count the time, it didn't matter. Might have been twenty minutes, might have been six hours... I couldn't tell. But what I did notice was my body slowly shutting down. Drained, my limbs pleaded for rest. My legs felt solid, as if buried in cement. My arms heavy, dropped by my sides and refused to cooperate. I couldn't push it any longer, I had to retreat to a safe spot to take a break. Reload, rewind, recharge... So that I could unify with the music once again.

I retreated to a seemingly peaceful table. It stood all the way to the side, by the bathrooms, in an especially dark corner of the already dim club. I collapsed on one of the two empty chairs, and as a waitress walked by I ordered a Red Bull. She brought it back in no more than five minutes. Exactly what I needed. Just then had I realized a stranger was looking over at me. I looked at him briefly and turned away, but I noticed he kept a firm gaze. I sipped the Red Bull through a straw and let my eyes wander back up to rest on his face. I can't describe how he looked. As I've said before everybody seemed to blend it. And so did he. Maybe if I saw him the next morning in broad daylight I would be able to perceive his distinct features, but at that moment I was not capable of concentrating on anything particular, only the music.

He found the courage to walk over. With a rakish smile, he sat down on the chair beside me, put his ice blue drink on the table, and attempted to make small talk with me. I watched the cool water droplets slide down the side of his glass and form a small puddle on the surface of the table.

"Sorry, I can't decipher what you're saying," I yelled back as he commented, through the blasting music. I believe it might have been a compliment, because of his facial expression and because most guys start off with a compliment, thinking it will automatically grab a girl's attention.

He repeated, but I shook my head and motioned to my ears, signifying that I can't hear. He nodded, smiled, and went right to it. All of a sudden his hand found itself on my leg, gliding smoothly toward my inner thigh. His other hand rested on my cheek and attempted to turn my head in for a kiss. I was shocked. I quickly grabbed his drink and without second thought poured it right onto his crotch. He quickly retreated and made a face as if he was sheerly paralyzed. I took advantage of this distraction, grabbed my jacket, and ran out of the club, onto the Saturday night streets of New York City.

The cool air outside hit me unexpectedly, revitalizing my body, making me swallow it in big amounts, as if I had just finished a race or came out from under the water. I threw my leather jacket on swiftly, zipped it up, put my hands in my pockets, and walked away quickly before the freak show followed me outside. I didn't know where I was going, I had no aim. I simply walked down the blocks, passing cars, people coming and going, my head still one big buzz. New York looks so different at night. Seems like instead of going to sleep it wakes up all over again. It transforms itself into something different. So many secrets that this city hides... I wish I could come into their possession.

I kept walking. It was getting a bit chilly by then, the wind whirled around me, spinning my short hair strands round and round. I didn't let it get to me. I walked on, my body still in full throttle from the commotion of the club.

I never noticed when I reached a busy expressway. By then I didn't even know where I was. It didn't matter. I would find my way back sooner or later. I ascended the steps which led to a mini bridge that went above the expressway. It seemed even windier up here. Once I reached the top of the steps I couldn't help myself but look around. A river of cars rushed below me, their lights like hundreds of giant fireflies. I couldn't hear a thing except for the noise of the engines and tires gliding along the smooth pavement. I turned my attention back to the crossway and decided to continue on my way.

That's exactly when I stopped dead in my tracks. I saw him. Standing in the middle of the crossway, just a couple of feet away from me. Illuminated by the glow of the street lights, he looked straight at me with a dazzling expression. A perfect, beautiful stranger. I stood, mouth agape, feet firmly planted in the ground. He smiled, seemed to giggle, turned around, and started walking away from me. I couldn't let him. I just couldn't. I urged my feet on and started walking after him.

As I followed, he kept turning his head back to look at me. Everytime he did he smiled and quickened his pace. And so did I. He kept increasing his speed. I couldn't let the distance between us increase. Finally I was running. I was running after him, and he kept turning back to look at me. He wasn't just smiling now, he was openly laughing. So I did too. I chased after him like a little child playing tag. All of a sudden I thought I felt the gap between us closing in. Either I was running faster or he was slowing down. I didn't know which one it was. I was just a couple of steps behind him. I stretched my arm out to touch him. Almost there... Suddenly, he stopped abruptly. So did I. We stood face to face now. He looked like a dream come true. His pure green eyes delved deep into mine. His hazel brown hair was gently ruffled by the wind. He still had that beautiful expression - a mesmerizing smile that swallowed my heart whole. I laughed. And so did he. He flashed a row of perfect teeth. I moved in closer, absorbing every whiff of his hypnotizing fragrance.

I didn't know his name. I didn't know his age. Where he was from, who he was, how he got there... I didn't care. It all didn't seem to matter. He took my face into his hands and leaned his forehead against mine. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I was awe-struck. No words necessary. He then withdrew quickly, firmly took hold of my hand, and started running again, pulling me along. I gave in. I ran with him, ahead, with no particular destination ahead of us. I felt incredible happiness overflowing my body. I didn't even feel tired anymore. All physical pain was gone. I felt like a kid on a carousel. All I wanted was for the ride to continue. On, and on, and on it went...

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