This is How much I love you

May 27, 2010
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The room was dimly lit. There were people clinging to the sticky barstools and cherry red tables. I could taste the cigarette smoke in the room. We claimed our table right away; left corner towards the stage. I left her there with our coats and gave her a kiss in the forehead. “I’ll be right back.”

She smiled back with emeralds in her eyes. I turned back towards the bar and felt a pair of eyes on me coming from across the room. We locked glances. She had on a burgundy dress with that complimented her caramel skin tone and long thick ebony hair. She was voluptuous. She was staring. She was…walking towards me and I stumbled a bit. In my embarrassment, I made haste towards the bartender. He nodded his head, “What’ll it be?”

“Can I have two cokes?” The man turned and I suddenly smelled rich perfume.

“Whose the second one for?” a low seductive voice filled my ears. I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“I looked at her and couldn’t speak, “Da-uh-my girlfriend.”

She smirked, “What a shame.” I could see her red lips even in the shadows of the club. Another voice came into my head controlled by the nether regions of my pants.

Dude, she’s hot! Let’s go.

“No, no I’m not going to,” I stated mentally.

Come on I want a new one!

“Now way I’m not messing this one up.” She continued to gaze at me with dark chocolate brown eyes as I debated with the one who’s known for trouble.

“My name is Rosie May. What’s yours?”


Ha, we’re in.

“No, we are not. I’m leaving right now.”

“Well Bill, I’m just going to slip you my card for now. If you change your mind…” She placed a small piece of paper next to the barstool and walked away swaying her hips.

Can you say booty call?

“I don’t think…”

Go, go, go!

“Shut up!” I said out loud earning me a strange look from the bartender.

What the hell? You‘re acting as if you are in love or something.

My eyes searched the room for Naomi. She waved at me and smiled once more. I think my heart skipped.

“I think I am.” And with that I tore up Rosie May’s number and for once listened to the other one: my heart.

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sparkofheart said...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 4:20 pm
that was very clever...great job :)
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