Surprise No

May 19, 2010
By willin15 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
willin15 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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No, one single word that I can never seem to say. How badly I want to say it right now especially. I’ve never been able to say no to anybody. Not my mom, not my sister, not my friends. No one, not one single person have I been able to say no to.

“Please?” My best friend, Cam, pleads.

“Um, well um, fine.” I sighed, finally giving into her wish.

“Great! All you have to do is ask him. That’s all. Just ask him one simple question.” She demands.

“I know, I know. I just really don’t want to.” I whine. Ugh, if only she knew the truth.

“I know you don’t, but you’ll never know how much this means to me and you’ll love me in the end and you know it.”

And with that I walk away. I walk away with the little dignity and pride I have left. I just gave in again. I’ve been practicing saying no. I guess it’s a lot harder in person. I can’t believe I’m stuck asking another guy if he likes my friend. I have four words I wish I could say to my friend’s latest crush. I LOVE YOU. Okay so technically that’s three, but still. I’m so mad again! I’m mad cause I have to as the guy I like if he likes my friend! I know I’m supposed to love my friend whom I’ve known since I was like eight and is practically like a sister to me no matter what, but at this point I think I could strangle her.

“Hey, Nix.” I turn around so quickly to see who it is and I bumped into them.

“Oh, hey, Sam. Sorry!” I respond while trying to pick up my books.

“Whoops, let me.” He bends down and grabs them and hands them to me.

“Thanks. I’m so clumsy.” I said nervously while laughing.

“Anytime, and I think it’s cute,” WOAH! Did he just call me cute, “So, um I’ve been meaning to ask you something?”

“Yeah?” I asked waiting for him to continue.

“Um I was wondering if you…” A very annoying person interrupted him.

“Hey, you guys!” Cam interjects in a bubbly tone.

“Hey, Cam” We both said disappointedly. What I can’t figure out is why Sam was disappointed.

“What’s up?” She asked as if she didn’t know. Right then I saw something. Cam winked at Sam. Not in a flirting way though. I mean kind of like she was sending a message.

“Anyway, Nix. I was wondering if I don’t know… maybe you’d want to go see a movie with me sometime?” Sam asked nervously. I don’t mean kind of nervous. I mean we your pants, nervous out of your wits. All I could do was just stand there in awe. Now I get it! Cam didn’t really like Sam. She was trying to get me to talk to him long enough for him to ask me out! Which stunned me even more, so much so that I don’t know how long I was standing there silent. Suddenly Cam elbowed me, which brought me back to reality.

“YES! I would love to! I have one question though?”

“Oh, this will be good,” Cam said sarcastically, “Yes?”

“Why did you trick me? Why didn’t you just tell me?” I asked still in shock.

“Because you wouldn’t have been able to act cool and like you didn’t know and Sam didn’t want me to tell.”

“Oh…” That’s all that came to mind.

“Yeah, well if we don’t hurry we’re going to be late for first, so pick you up at six Friday night?” Sam asked

“Perfect.” I said smiling.

I grinned at Cam one more time and started to make my way to Spanish on a cloud. I have a date with my dream guy and an AMAZING friend. Life was good. Nothing could bring me down now. Or so I thought…

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on Dec. 20 2010 at 10:57 am
HeyAmanda SILVER, Rancho Cucamonga, California
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WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?Please write more!

i can completely relate o the whole"best friend likes my secret crush" thing because it happens to me all the time!



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