May 19, 2010
Madison remembers her first true love as if it were yesterday. As she closed her eyes Madison felt the warmth of his soft touch. The waves, she thought to herself, they know our story by heart. As the waves crashed into the shore, Madison sat on the pier with her long skinny legs dangling from the end. Even if the weather was not as stunning, Madison and Chase played in the water like children. They would splash ice cold water at each other until Madison leaped into his arms with a smile that reached her ears. Finally she opened her eyes. The sound of laughter compelled her to look away from Chase to see a man with a little girl. The little girl had fire red hair with a pink dress on collecting sea shells off the smooth sand.

Madison and Chase only went to the beach during autumn because people weren't fond of the wind blowing harder than usual, so they had the entire beach to themselves. Chase loved how the sky was constantly gray and that the clouds connected to the deep blue water. Then, when the sun was setting, the energy of the sun made the water appear green. Madison loved how the sand was hard enough not to get between her toes and was soft enough to leave footprints behind. But what Madison loved the most was that Chase would hold her.

Madison would not forget the way Chase would wrap her in his arms and rub her back whenever she would cry. Sometimes, if they had time together, they would dance in the moonlight. Not even the days, months, and years that went by could make her forget his face. Chase's eyes were as blue as the ocean and his hair was as dark as the night. Why, why did you leave me? Madison asked in despair. Things didn't have to change but you let them. I fell in love and you left with my heart in your hands. Madison dabbed her cheeks where the tears left their mark every time she cried for him and her loneliness.

Ever since Madison lost her true love, she's been coming to the one place where she felt near him, the beach. In the beach Madison and Chase shared more than anyone had ever shared. They shared an eternity of happiness, moments that lasted forever and their love that will live on. After everything Madison felt she owed him the right to visit him every autumn until her last day. The little girl with the pink dress cried for her mother. Madison turned and saw the man cradling the child to stop her screams.

Life changed for Madison, behind her faint footsteps could be heard. Before Madison stood up, she gazed at the sky and said goodbye to Chase until next autumn. The same man who was at the beach with his daughter kissed Madison on her forehead before handing the little angel to her. This was Madison's life now. She married a wonderful man who she cared for deeply, her life may not have been how she wanted it to be, but she was still happy, and she has a daughter that is the sheer reflection of Madison. Chase didn't leave Madison empty handed, before leaving, Chase gave her Autumn.

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bebe_rox13 said...
Jun. 23, 2010 at 12:29 am
the daughters is chase and madison named her autumn i know its confusing but if you pay close attention autumn that is lowercase is the season but the Autumn that is uppercased is a name i know its not right in your face but thats how you know what i meant to say. this story got me a 100% in my adv. creative writing class.
gymbabe This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 22, 2010 at 6:56 pm

This was awesome! Very sweet and nostalgic.  Just curious--when you say he gave her Autumn, do you mean the season, or that the daughter is his and her name is Autumn?  But amazing job!

Btw, will you check out and comment on my work?

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