The True Love Series

May 24, 2010
By Becca Pindzia BRONZE, Fenton, Michigan
Becca Pindzia BRONZE, Fenton, Michigan
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Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being watched? I do too… I’m Julia Donough, a sophomore at Rocky Mountain Highschool. I only moved here to Tennessee Mountain Country last year. I was born and raised in Katie, TX.

My momma, daddy, and I raised steer, pigs, and daddy; well he brewed the best beer on this side of the British Isles. Daddy even had his own bar where I waited tables, cleaned up, pried drunkards from the floor, and sang till the cows came home (literally).

We moved up here after my momma passed on. I cried a lot at first, but I had to tough it for daddy’s sake.

Now, on to the story… it was just getting to the tail end of summer vacation at my new school, so I dropped off my transfer card, and settled down into my normal schedule (minus the cows and bar tending). The excitement level lowered to a dull roar until school started.

CHAPTER 1: “Hi! I’m Julia!”

The first day was torture for me. I had been home schooled until momma died, so I wasn’t fully prepared for what I saw. There were many diverse races of children, and many styles of décor among other things.

It was then I noticed a boy with dark hair that covered most of his face, and he was watching me. He beckoned to one of the boys near him, and gestured towards me, then to himself. Curious, I inched closer; besides, he was standing next to the locker I assumed was mine, thanks to the helpful pamphlet that had been mailed to me.

“Uh… Hi…Um… I’m Julia… Julia Donough!” I said to the strange boy, “I’m new here, but I believe that you are standing in front of my locker…and I need to drop off my things… so if you’ll excuse me…” I said, stepping closer. He didn’t move.

“What’s you’re problem? I just asked you to move!” I flared. He stared at me, and beckoned to his cronies. Then, they left. I scowled.

Suddenly, a girl walked up behind me, “That was Trevor Black.” She said, “I’m his sister Tanya!”

I said hi, and then turned to face my locker.

“He’s really a nice guy; I don’t understand why he was so rude to you!”

I gaped at her.

“What is your name?” she asked as I opened my locker.

“I’m Julia Donough; it’s nice to meet you!” I said, trying to coat my bout of peevishness with sugar.

That started my friendship with Tanya Black, who I learned later was Native American. She was 75% Blackfoot, and 25% Cherokee. Her brother was 15, and she was 14, my age.
As I learned more about her family, I began to understand why the all-but-elusive Trevor was always watching me. Tanya said that he always did that to new kids, but his obsession over me was different.

I found out why a few months after school started. I was lying on the porch at my house, with my book on the ground next to my blanket. Suddenly, I felt eyes on me. I looked up, and there was Trevor Black! I jumped, why hadn’t I heard him coming?

“Don’t speak. Come with me.” he said as my lips parted. I was curious, so I followed him.

I was led to a small grove of pine trees that was held together by several intertwining rose bushes. I gasped. He looked back over his shoulder, and motioned for me to stop. I did, and he smiled.

“I wanted to tell you something, but at school, or your home didn’t seem appropriate.” he said quietly.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.” I said, smiling encouragingly.

“I am the next chief of the Blackfoot tribe, and normally you wouldn’t receive a second glance from me.” he said slowly. I nodded. “But there is something different about you than all the other girls… good different… like when I see you, a bell goes off in my head.” he paused.

“What are you saying?” I asked dumbfounded.

“I’m saying that I kinda like you, and I think you’re kinda cute…” he said, blushing at what he had said.

“No way!” I exclaimed, “Why should you like me?”

He shrugged, “My dad wanted me to find a princess…and you just clicked…So, do you want to try a boyfriend/girlfriend thing?” his eyes were pleading.

“Tanya is going to hate me for this… but I’ll try it.” I said, feigning reluctance. He smiled hugely.

CHAPTER 2: First Date

Not my best choice perhaps that is, telling Tanya the same day. She flipped out. I mean she went the whole ten yards! Screaming, yelling, shouting, and then a deadly quiet whisper, it was torture.

I met Trevor at my locker the next morning. He was smiling, and whistling tunelessly to himself. He stopped, pulling me to him. I hugged him shyly. Though I was reluctant to admit it, this felt nice.

“So, was Tanya furious?” he asked, taking my bag.

“You have no idea… wait, wasn’t she mad at you?” I asked… er… told him.

“As you said, and I quote, ‘you have no idea’” he said, chuckling as I punched him, playfully on the arm.

Suddenly, the belll rang, and I looked at him.

“Gotta go. I’ll see you later!” I said, wrestling my bag from him.

As I ran to class, I thought about how close we had come to kissing… my dad would kill me if he found out.

The day passed quickly, up until math. That was my class with Mr. Jenkins, or the ‘mad scientist’ as Tanya and I secretly

called him.

“Miss Donough! Stop daydreaming, and tell me what is pi+n?” Mr. Jenkins said sharply. I looked at him, then to my notes, then to Tanya. She mouthed me the answer, and I dutifully repeated it to Mr. Jenkins.

He wasn’t impressed. “See me after class.” he told me pointedly. “Both of you!”

I gulped, and I heard Tanya groan.

After class, Mr. Jenkins told Tanya to wait outside.

“Why do you constantly rely on Miss Black for answers, Miss Donough? You are a very smart young lady, and I don’t want to fail you!” he shouted angrily.

“Mr. Jenkins, I don’t think you realize that my home school program didn’t cover, pi and Tanya’s did!” I reminded him, my voice firm, but even.

“I didn’t realize that,” he said thoughtfully. “You may tell Miss Black that I excused the both of you.”

“I’ll do that sir!” I told him as I left.

Trevor was waiting for me with Tanya. I repeated what Mr. Jenkins had said to her, and smiled.

“We got off easy… Hey Trevor!” I said, spotting him.

“Hey Julia. Tanya, you’ll excuse us I hope?” he asked his sister pointedly, as he hugged me close. Tanya snorted as she left.

“So… what’s up?” I asked. If he had made Tanya leave, it must be big.

“Well, how would you like to go see a movie this evening? It is a Friday after all.” he smiled suddenly. “You can tell your dad, and meet my parents if you want to!”

I shuddered inwardly at the thought of telling my dad that I was dating at 14. But, if I told him that Tanya was taking me, and not her brother, he would slide easily onto my finger.

“Julia… Julia… Julia are you okay?” Trevor asked quickly.

I nodded. “I was just contemplating the thought of telling my dad…” I shuddered again.

“Are you cold?” he asked, grabbing his jacket and offering it to me.

I shook my head.


I ran home to change. When I arrived at my street, I saw my dad sleeping on the porch, so I started tiptoeing. After I got inside, I ran to my room, and dumped my empty bag on the bed.

I opened my closet, and started shuffling through my clothes. I finally found what I was looking for; my nicest jeans, a powder blue tank top, and a blushing rose, button down T-shirt. I threw the garments on my bed, and ran to the bathroom.

I pulled my shirt up over my head, and slipped off my shorts as I stepped into the shower. I emerged, dripping, from the shower less than ten minutes later. I wrapped myself in a towel, and washed my face.

I ran back to my room, stubbing my toe on the door frame as I went. I slipped my clean clothes on. As I grabbed my purse, I scribbled a quick note to my dad, leaving it on the counter as I ran out the door.

Trevor had given me his address before we left school, so I followed it to his home. His mom opened the door.

“Ah… You must be Julia. Do come in!” she said with a smile.

“Thanks. I guess either Trevor or Tanya told you about me?” I asked. She nodded gravely.

That was when Trevor thundered down the stairs.

“Hey Julia!” he said acknowledging me, and then turning his attention to his mom. “Ma, have you seen my other shoe? I can’t find it!”

I giggled, and pointed at the sneaker Tanya was holding.

Trevor sighed. “Why me?”

Hesitantly, I slipped my small hand into his larger one. He grinned at the tall man who had just entered the room.

“So this must be your princess, eh Trev?” he asked, his eyes probing mine. As I probed back, I found a sense of great loss, sorrow, and great joy. He breathed in sharply. Trevor looked at him, as did I.

“She is the one…” Mr. Black said after a moment. Trevor nodded, and glanced at me.

“I’ll go start the car.” Mrs. Black said.

Luckily, it was Trevor’s mom that drove us to the theater. She didn’t speak, so neither did I. It was nearly an hour to the movie theater, so I leaned my head against Trevor, and he put his arm around my shoulders.

The movie we saw was a sappy romance, but neither Trevor, nor I liked it, so we left early. We went next door, to a restaurant, and ordered a pizza.

Later, after we got back to his house, we went for a walk in the woods.

“I’m sorry about the movie.” Trevor said, sitting down against a tall, wide oak tree. He pulled me down into his lap.

“It’s okay, I don’t really like movies anyway.” I said, smiling.

The moon was out, and it’s glowing light filtered through the braches of the ancient oak we sat under. I leaned towards him, but Trevor was way ahead of me. He looped my arms around his neck, and moved his face towards mine.

When our lips met, the hair rose on the back of my neck, and a sharp prickle ran down my spine. But, I didn’t let go. He did.

He walked me to my street, and left me standing there, alone, and confused.

CHAPTER 4: Avoided

Trevor avoided me for the next few days, and Tanya wouldn’t look at me, let alone talk to me.

“Trevor, can I talk to you?” I was at home, and I had called his cell phone. “Did I do something that hurt you or Tanya?”

“No, I just got reprimanded for kissing at 15.” he said shortly.

“Oh… I’m sorry… is that why you’re avoiding me?” I asked.

“Not really, I just wanted to avoid temptation…” he replied.

“Then why is Tanya avoiding me?” I questioned.

“It’s just… uh-oh… dad’s coming. I’ll tell you tomorrow. I love you!” he whispered.

“Back at you!” I said as the phone clicked in my ear.

“Jules, I’m home!!” my dad called.

“Hey dad.” I yelled back.

I spent the rest of the day in a dreamy bliss. I did homework, made dinner, and slept. I also sighed often— Trevor had told me he loved me!!

The next day, Trevor met me by my locker.

“Hey Trev… What’s the matter?” I questioned.

“My dad and Tanya! They think you’re perfect for me, but after what happened on Friday, they told me to dump you! Only my mom was against you at first… because you aren’t Native American…” he stopped.

I hugged him, my eyes filling. “Why should that matter? Love is about what’s in your heart and soul, not your race or skin color!” I was outraged, but I didn’t care what Mrs. Black said, I loved¾and do love now¾Trevor Black.

“I know… I know…I tried to explain that to her… it’s just…” he started.

“Just what Trevor?” I asked, worried.

“She really likes you, but she doesn’t think that a white girl is the right princess… for me.” he snorted.

“Well… as long as we love each other, I’m your princess, and you’re my knight in shining armor!” I smiled, and kissed his cheek.
Then, shouldering my backpack, I ran off to class, giggling wickedly all the while.

Tanya avoided me for weeks. I tried calling her several times, but she ignored my calls.

CHAPTER 5: M.I.A. (Missing in Action)

I hadn’t seen Trevor in days. It had been almost a week since I had seen him last. So, I decide, whether or not they liked me, that if Trevor didn’t show up by the end of the day, I would run— and I mean dead run to Trev’s house.

“That’s it.” I muttered. He hadn’t shown up. As soon as I was outside, I looked around for Tanya. When I spotted her, I ran up and started babbling at her.

“Whoa, hold on Jule!” Tanya said, finally cracking. “I haven’t seen him lately either!”

I guess my expression betrayed my shock.

“Mom and dad aren’t worried yet either… They just think he is with you…” she said as I grimaced.
“ I’m telling your parents that Trev has been M.I.A. for the past week or so…” I paused. “Oh… and also, I’m walking home with you.”

CHAPTER 6: Have You Seen Me?

My life was over. I had told my dad about Trevor’s and my relationship. If Tanya hadn’t been there… oh, I don’t want to know what he would have done.

Tanya and I explained the situation, however, and dad (being a cop as he was) sat up and asked us for the facts. We supplied him with what little information we had, but there wasn’t much to go by. Then, we started making posters.

Tanya and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Reward! What am I? A lost dog?” a deep voice spoke behind us. It was chuckling.

I turned around slowly. “Trevor?” I said, my voice shaking. Then, I collapsed.

CHAPTER 7: Who? What? Where? When? How?

I heard people stirring around me.

“I think she’s coming around…” I heard Tanya say.

“Mmm… Trevor… Tanya?” I whispered, my eyes fluttering open.

“Julia… are you okay?” Tanya asked, her face close to mine.

“I’m okay. Trevor, where am I? Where were you? What happened? How did you get past dad? Who else is here?” I ran out of breath as he chuckled.

“You’re on your bed, I was in Kentucky, you passed out, your dad’s asleep, what am I forgetting? Oh yes! It’s just me and Tanya. Does that answer all your questions?” he joked.

I nodded weakly. “I was so worried about you, I guess I forgot to eat!” I said, struggling to sit up.

Trevor pushed me down gently. He then proceeded to tell me exactly who, what, where, when, and how everything had happened. He finally let me sit up.

Then, Trevor took my face in his hands, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I leaned forward. My pulse was racing. We kissed each other feverently, like the world was coming to an end.

“Julia Marie Donough!” my dad shouted.

“Your parents will be receiving a call from me Mr. Black! Oh… and don’t worry, it’s not a penalty call. I just want to thank them for bringing you and your sister here! You two have brought Jules here out of her shell!” a broad grin split my daddy’s face.

My mouth fell open.

“Close your mouth, love… you’ll catch flies.” Trevor murmured in my ear.

A smile crept shyly across my face. Dad and Trev were getting along just fine…


Summer… the word that runs like wildfire in the veins of the average student.

I planned on doing some college research… it was only three years away! Trevor, of course, was a real top priority; we were doing everything together then… I loved it. I loved him. He loved me. Everything worked out. And everyone was happy.

The author's comments:
I have always loved wirting, and this one just came to me one day after dinner. I started thinking about what I would do if I realized that I was being watched by a Blackfoot Indian prince, and viola!

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