Love and Soccer pt2

May 24, 2010
By smartypants4 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
smartypants4 BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Last Tuesday was one of those days that people like me has to cherish. I mean, it’s not everyday that the most popular guy in school helps you off the ground.
So why am I so ready to fall again? It doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll just go to school today and continue my reign as Queen of the Dorks, some name given to me by Marissa. 1st Period flew by fast enough, and 2nd soon came after. During the first lunch bell, I had to make a quick stop at my locker, just to get my books, planner and such, to only find Marissa standing there. “Marissa, what do you want now? I have no time for your drama.” She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Do I look like I care? No don’t answer that. I came here to tell you to stay away from Tyler ok? He’s my boyfriend anyway, not yours.” She looked at me with a satisfied grin but I was not having it. “No.” This time Marissa’s smile turned into a full on frown. “What did you just say to me?” I looked at her again, but stared right past her to look at the instant perfection behind her. “Hi Kyla what are you guys doing here?” Marissa’s frown stretched farther down. She was jealous that Tyler had addressed me before her. He came by her side and planted a kiss on her cheek with his full lips. I got the feeling that I was going throw up from pain. “Nothing just discussing things with Marissa.” She looked up at him with the fakest puppy eyes ever and said, “Tyler, you need to stay away from her. She wouldn’t fit your criteria, I mean look, she isn’t popular like you and I.” Tyler looked at her like she was crazy. “Please Tyler. For me?” He looked at her again and sighed. Before he could mouth the words “I’m sorry Kyla” I already turned away and cried towards my next class.

Tyler’s POV

I am such an idiot. Why can’t I get anything right? Marissa once again brainwashed me into hurting someone else’s feelings. Kyla was so nice. She has a nice name, pretty face, cute overbite, short, brunette, smart, and she’s athletic! So my type of person. And if she is, why did I hurt her feelings for Marissa? I mean, once upon a time I had feelings for Marissa and I thought I liked her but Kyla just changed everything. Now, it’s in my power to make things right. I walked towards the girls bathroom, hoping that I can get some relief (and hope Kyla won’t open the door on my face), when she opened it before I knocked, and looked me dead in the face with the saddest look I’ve ever seen.

Kyla’s POV

I looked Tyler right in his face, throwing every accusation and hurt at his face.
He seemed so nice. I guess I am too stupid and naïve to ever think he was the guy I wanted him to be. I turned away from him to get to the library when he grabbed me by the arm and looked deep in my eyes. “Kyla, I am so sorry I did that to you. I would have never ever done it, ever. I realize that Marissa is not the choice I would have made, if I had known she would do that to you.” His look was deep and intent. I stared him down and said, “Well to freakin bad. You had your chance and lost it. I’m sorry.” I turned away once more and he grabbed me again. “That doesn’t mean I can’t try.” He looked at me deeply once more, took my face in his hands, and kissed me on my lips. It didn’t last long but it felt like an eternity and was very, very sweet. Tyler let go of my face while I looked dreamily into his eyes. It never occurred to me that this guy, Tyler Matthews, really liked me. Never would I know love like this.

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"Will anything be the same ever again."

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