The Love

May 24, 2010
The Love!

One day lived a young boy named Gary. He was a nice guy. Then one year later Gary meet a girl named Lilly. She was also a nice girl. She was his age nineteen. They become real good friends. Three years later Gary asked Lilly to merry him! Lilly answered she said “Yes”! Then they planned a wedding. They sent out invitations that said:

You’re invited to a Wedding!

For: Lilly and Gary

Where: Advance Baptist Church in Baskett KY, 42402

When: February 23,

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.

After Party: KC Hall

Thanks for coming,

Lilly and Gary

The wedding day is here. Lilly’s dress is big, white, and pretty. Gary’s tucks is black and white. Lilly and Gary are both scared but happy. The wedding is starting. The music is on. Here comes Lilly and her dad. Gary sees the dress in happy tears. They say I do. They repeat their values. Then listen to there wedding song. After that Brother Jerry (the preacher) says you may now kiss the bride, and so they did! Now they go to the after party. They leave the after party in a limo. They went to California for there honeymoon.
They have two identical twins. One was a boy and one was a girl. Their names we’re Andy and Mandy. Then one day when both children were twelve years old they went one vacation to Sandusky Ohio to Cedar Point. They drove for eight in half hours. Suddenly they arrived. They went to the Nights Inn! It had two pools, one hot tub, and a S.P.A. They went to the amusement park witch was Cedar Point! They rode a ride with two flips and fore cork crews. Thy also rode a ride called The Top Thrilled Dragster! It went 122 mph. in five seconds. It also goes 450 feet high. They got off with everyone’s eyes watering. At the same time they said that was Exelentay! It was the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the whole world! Then they went to the water park after they rode twenty roller coasters. They got on the tallest water slide in the whole water park! They got soaked! It was so funny they looked at each other and busted out laughing! Then they rode ten other water slides. Then they left and were headed home. They stopped at Kings Island one the way home! They rode three suspended roller coasters. After that they rode seventeen other roller coasters. They were headed all the way home. They got home at 12:00 P.M. They went in and fell asleep. That morning they got up and unpacked.
After unpacking they left and went to their friends house witch was Natalina. They played for three in a half hrs and then they went home. When they got home the kids called there friends. Andy called Brandon and Mandy called Samantha. Mandy asked Samantha if she could come over to her house. Samantha said “I’ll have to go ask”. Samantha ran to ask her mom.” Can Mandy come over and play” Samantha said to her mom. Samantha’s mom answered in a squeaky voice “I guess”. Samantha ran to the phone and said “you can come over”. They hung up and were getting ready. Andy asked Brandon if he could come over “Brandon can I come over and play” said Andy. Well let me ask. Brandon ran to his mom and said “can Andy come over and play”. His mom said in a deep voice “yes” Brandon ran to the phone and said “you can come over and play”. They left and went to there friends houses. Now the parents are alone.
Two months later Andy and Mandy looked at their mom and said, “MOTHER YOU ARE PREGNANT”! Their mom said “well yes I’m pregnant and there you will have one brother and one sister. Now are we clear”? They answered “yes mother”. Seven months later she was in labor. She had one boy and one girl. But the scary part was they were identical twins again! Then Lilly named them Carrie and Mary. They were so cute!
Fore years later both Andy and Mandy had a learner’s permit! In December 4, they got there lesions! Then they got to take their brother and sister places!

It turns out Lilly had miscarriage and bleed to death. After they got over there mother dieing they moved to Florida. Then the day Andy and Mandy started school it was mother conferences at school day. After they found out they went to the same place in the classroom and set down. During the conferences Andy and Mandy set in the back of the room and softly held each other and cried. They left the room until their father Gary showed up. The conferencing was over. Andy and Mandy went in the room. After a while they stopped crying and started working again.
After that they went home to baby-sit their brother and sister. Three years later they moved out. They moved to New York! Andy and Mandy live next door to each other. Also they brought there baby brother and sister. Carrie lived with Mandy and Mary lived with Andy. Then they lived happily ever after!

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