Dark Temptation ((Bk 1 Pt 1))

May 24, 2010
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He watched her walk towards a black Lexus. Her tan skirt flowing with every step, small black heels clicked gracefully on the cement. He licked his lips as hunger grew, both kinds.
Soon he though to himself, very soon.


Anya reached inside her purse for the new keys of her Lexus. The dim street light proved enough light, but the darkness till frightened her. The library was locked up for the night and she had Chinese food at home calling her name.
She quickly stuck the key in and sat down, the seat accommodating to her body as if naturally made for her. She deserved this car she thought to herself 5 years working in a public library under that rich bastard she had for a boss. Finally after years of the sexual harassment Anya won the court case and her car was the reward along with 6 months advance pay in rent.
A light mist began to fall from the night sky as Anya began to pull out of the parking lot with an uneasy feeling she was being watched.

Kal sat on top the church watching the mortals roam the sidewalks. Watched as they live their lives day by day unaware of the dangers lurking in every dark alley, around every corner.
He watched the pretty librarian start her car promptly at 9 pm like every night. A small drizzle began to fall as Kal continued to watch her.
Small about 5'6 she was petite and delicate. With a soft voice and long brown hair worn always in a tight bun. Kal has wandered many nights into the library startling the young librarian with his silent steps often walking up behind to inquire about a new book or author. Every time she smiled with a mouth full of straight pearly white teeth and told beautiful tales, spoke educated of the newest and oldest authors with enthusiasm. Passion would light her green eyes like fire as she spoke of her books, a passion Kal would love to see in the bed. But he shall never. He was the darkness while she was light and all good, he shall always watch, and never touch.
He continued to watch her drive away in her new car, watched the light play across her face, oblivious to the shadow following her.


Anya reached her apartment, and immediately turned on all the lights. Gently took off her heels as she walked towards the bedroom. He apartment meant clearly with the one bedroom for a single person neat and clean. With books upon books filling every nook and cranny.
Her bedroom much like the rest of the apartment was simple with a lavender bed set on top a king size mattress, though she took home no men she enjoyed the vast amount of room to roam while she sleep.
Stripping to her underwear and a tank top Anya never noticed the shadow hovering behind her door until it was too late.

He watched more as she revealed that delicious skin, his stomach rumbled as his male parts reacted as well. Now was the time. Now.

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