the love of my life

May 23, 2010
By Anonymous

there was this girl. she had the hugest crush on this boy she went to junior high with him. he left in the middle of 9th grade. they were seperated for a little while. and she was bummed thatshe never got to tell him how she felt. so her and her friend went on a feild trip to this college about math. and she had a bf at the time. but wasnt with her. so she was so oblivious when she turned around and discovered the boy from junior high was there. she smiled and stood still. then not a second later she ran up and gave him a giant hugg. she wouldnt stop smiling. :) later that day when they got back after her and the boy hung out the whole time there, she ignored her boyfriend and only thought about the boy. the next day she broke up with him. and a month later the boy and her got together. now 11 months later here they are. strong as ever. there love will last forever.

The author's comments:
this is my story. this is what happened to me

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