May 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Eyes, I seem to admire them;
I think it’s because they don’t lie.
They break a person’s disguise, they expose;
they are your way to see whats lurking in the back of their mind, secrets.
They tell you a story.
His eyes gave me the hope that he was innocent, or once was.
Even though I saw his lies in his glossy grey eyes, I believed him;
even though his tears seemed to smile I comforted him;
even though his lips whispered hateful things, I kissed him;
and even though his eyes said “I don’t care,” I still responded “I love you too.”
His eyes were my warning, my hint, my sign.
but yet, I overlooked and rejected their attempt to save my heart.
He claimed we were Soulmates, that the moment his eyes grazed my skin he knew I was his
What bull.

Love is a phony.
A fake.
Need I say more?
We are led into a trap by this so called love,
that leads to a shattered soul, a broken smile and tearful nights.
Love, is too easy to say
but hate is too easy to feel.
I could say I hate him
but then I'd just be lying to myself.
I strive to hate him but my heart beats for him.

A name I dreaded; A name I despised.
But it labeled the one I can’t seem to stop loving.
The nightmare that left my heart unable to heal; unable to live once more.
Yearning for a touch, in need of a kiss,
A dark reality I discovered:
There is no such thing as a prince charming,
Magic is a child’s game,
Love is an overused word and
Everybody hurts.

Two years ago, today, my eyes met his for the first time.
A moment haunting me, sleeping in the back of my mind.
I remember:
He smelt like lust, and oh how it lured me into him.
Piercing eyes, grey and wild.
Hair; dark, tangled, twisted and wavy sitting shoulder length.
A sturdy body standing 6’2, an embrace I’ll crave in the near future.
A cocky half smile, I could't help but adore.
July 4th.
The scents of over-priced food, oil and cheap stuffed animals surrounded me;
Carnivals were never really my idea of a grand 'ol time but there i was, wandering.
I was watching the ferris wheel, listening to it click-clack
when I smacked heads with an unidentified object.
Nervous. it whispered, "Oh, I-I-am so so-sorry." A boy.
I smiled, "That was totally my fault don't appologize."
He seemed relieved and excited with a hint of awe.
"hi, I'm Jimmy" he cheerfully admited.
"uh, Hi. I'm Chloe."

A tall awkward boy.
His head was too big for his body.
With eyes the color of a root beer float after the ice cream started to melt.
A Dirty blonde buzz cut which emphazied his rather large ears.
A crooked smile
But a great heart.

Jimmy was a talker and just as I was about to get the hell out of there,
at the corner of my eye I saw him approaching Jimmy.
He looked and acted like a complete and utter tool, typical.
"Jimmy, i didnt know you knew ANY girls not to mention beautiful ones." he winked at me.
I flipped him off.

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on Jun. 7 2010 at 9:10 pm
i_am_nobody SILVER, Belgrade, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"Be yourself, don't take anyone's sh*t, and never let them take you alive." -Gerard Way

kind of depressing til the end but still really good


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