Lilly and Chase part1

May 22, 2010
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“ The things we think are not always the things we do.,” she said as he walked away from her, done with all of her crap. He couldn't deal with it anymore. All she ever did, from the start of their relationship to the end, was fight with him. It's all she knew. Lilly grew up in a family that constantly yelled and screamed to solve their problems. She knew she would grow up to be the same way. Her family was never abusive, never hit her, and never kicked her out of the house for any reason. Lilly moved out when she was sixteen. That's when Lilly met Chase. Her and Chase started out like any other couple would. Happy and in Love (The Honeymoon Stage). After, the honeymoon stage, Lilly started fighting with Chase all the time. Nonstop, about everything. If Chase stared at another girl, Lilly got mad. She would fight with him right in front of the whole mall, cause a scene, then cry because she embarrassed him and yelled at him over nothing.

Chase once told Lilly that she moved out of her parents house for a reason, she didn't have to end up like her parents. Two years went by and she had continued to fight with Chase. Some days were better than others. Lilly and chase were always happy and loved each other very much. The only problem was Lilly fighting with Chase twenty-four/seven. Chase did everything he could not to fight back with Lilly, but he couldn't help it. Lilly and Chase had one day decided to take a break, they didn't think they were good for each other anymore, they thought they should try to date other people. After a week, Chase missed Lilly so much, he had to get back with her. That night, Chase called Lilly, but she didn't answer. He called her one more time and left a voicmail. He said, that he was very sorry, he loved her very much and he wanted her back. Later that night, he was awaken from a deep sleep by his cellphone. It was Lilly. She called to tell him that she hadn't answered the phone because she was in the hospital, she fainted at the movies and they called 911. But, that wasn't all she had to tell him.

She also had to tell chase that she was a month pregnant and that it was his baby because he's the only one she has ever had sex with. She didn't know how to tell him that he was going to be a dad. She didn't have he heart to tell him that she's the reason he won't be able to finish college. Chase is twenty years old and in his second year of college. Lilly, on the other hand, is only sixteen, she can't do this on her own. She would need his help with everything. She didn't know how to tell, she wasn't sure how he would react. Lilly didn't want chase to say that it was all her fault, that she did it on purpose, or worse, that he didn't want to be with her anymore. So, she decided not tell him yet. She would tell him at school on Monday in a note. The one thing she did tell him is that she wasn't going to be released till Sunday night. Lilly would spend four days in the hospital. Chase asked her if she wanted company, Lilly told chase to just get some sleep and she would see him tomorrow. Chase told Lilly that he loved her and he would be there first thing in the morning. Lilly didn't want to say I love u too until after she told chase she was pregnant. The next day, chase showed up to the hospital bright and early with flowers, a teddy bear, and some breakfast. He asked for Lilly's room and went on up. Lilly was located on the fourth floor, in room four twenty four. When chase got to the room, Lilly was sleeping peacefully. It was around eight am and chase was glad she wasn't awaken by him walking into the room. Chase loved watching her sleep, she always looked so peaceful and beautiful when she was sleeping. About an hour later a nurse came in to check on Lilly and change her medicine bag. Chase wondered why she needed a medicine bag, she only fainted. When chase asked the nurse, the nurse told chase that she was advised not to say anything about Lilly's condition. "What condition?," chase
asked. The nurse, yet again, said she was advised not to tell or she could lose her job. Chase understood and just told her thank you for your help. Shortly, after ten o'clock Lilly woke up. Chase had gotten up to go to the bathroom and when he walked out, he saw her awake and he smiled. "Good morning, beautiful," chase said as he gave her a kiss in the lips. "Now, I brought you some breakfast, a Teddy bear, and a beautiful two dozen roses." Lilly had this beautiful look on her face,
wondering what she did to deserve all this special treatment from him. "But, I would like to know what condition the nurse is talking about and why your are hooked up to a medicine bag when you only fainted," said chase as the worried look on his face grew bigger. "The truth is chase, the reason that I fainted because me and your child were under stress, I should have told you last night but I didn't want to worry you. I just wanted you to have a good night sleep and I was gonna tell
you when I got up. I'm a month pregnant and I'm already under stress. The doctors say early stress happens a lot in young mothers," said Lilly. Chases eyes grew bigger with concern for the health of his girlfriend and his unborn child. Lilly continued to talk and also started to cry. As tears filled in her eyes, she started to apologize to chase for getting pregnant and not telling him last night. "I'm really sorry
chase," Lilly said crying " I just didn't know what to say or how to tell you that I was pregnant, I just didn't expect for the nurse to say anything." As Lilly continued to talk, chases face started to get
really pale, chase felt like he was gonna puke. Chase couldn't stop thinking about what had gone wrong when they made love. Had she tricked him into getting her pregnant so that he would be stuck with her? As Lilly continued to talk, it became harder and harder to believe that Lilly was really pregnant with his child. He loved Lilly very much, but to have a baby with her was something he wasn't ready for. Chase didn't have a job to support Lilly and the baby. Lilly wasn't old enough to have a job and now they were stuck. Lilly stopped talking when she started to feel a tightening in her chest, "chase!," I don't know what's happening I can't breath, my chest is all tight and..... All of a sudden Lilly passed out "Nurse, Nurse!, I don't know what happened she was talking and then all of a sudden she stopped talking and put her hand on her chest. Please help her, help the baby, please I love her, I don't want to lose her," Chase said. Everyone started rushing in to help Lilly and the net thing chase new he was sitting outside the room, waiting for a doctor to come out and tell what's going on.

Another four hours went by, it had now been eight hours since chase was asked to leave the room. Chase finally fell asleep on the floor and by ten at night a doctor was outside the room waking chase up to give him the news about Lilly. " chase, Lilly is stable, but we want to keep her for a few more days, we have put a breathing tube down her throat to help her breath.," said the doctor. " What about the baby, is the baby ok?" " Yes, the baby is fine, the baby was not effected in any way." Chase was so relieved to hear that Lilly and the baby was ok. Chase walked outside to call his mom and let he know where he was and what was going on. He wasn't sure he was ready to tell his mom about the baby, yet. Chase called his mom and she didn't answer, it was a Friday night and work might be very busy. After, chase tried to call his mom and finished his cigarette, he headed back upstairs to be
with Lilly. When he got upstairs to Lilly's room and saw her hooked up to all the machines, he broke down and started to cry. He didn't want to see her like that. It broke his heart to see Lilly hooked up to all those machines, feeling so weak and powerless. He wanted so badly to help, but he didn't know how to help. They give Lilly a queen bed so that she would be comfortable. Chase noticed and decided to get in bed and lay with her. He felt so relieved when he crawled into her bed and he was able to put his arms around her.

Chase couldn't believe this was really happening to him, Lilly was pregnant and having complications already. Chase felt like this was his fault, he got Lilly pregnant, if he had worn a condom like he was supposed to, this would have never happened to Lilly. He felt horrible, all Chase could do was blame himself. Shortly after Chase stopped thinking all these thoughts, Lilly woke up. "Hey, beautiful!," said chase. Lilly had a look of being in pain on her face. "Lilly,
what's wrong?," chase asked. "I just don't feel right, I feel like something is pinching in my stomach.," Lilly said. "Do you want me to get a nurse?," chase asked. Lilly couldn't answer, she had fallen back
to sleep. Lilly was asleep until early the next morning, she woke up having to go to the bathroom. She felt a lot better. Chase was sleeping in the chair, in the most uncomfortable way, she noticed. Lilly wanted to wake him up and let him crawl into Lilly's bed and go back to sleep, but she thought he just looked so cute sleeping. She went to the bathroom and when she came back, chase was gone. She got back into bed and turned on the trying to find something to watch. Chase came back twenty minutes later. "Hey Lilly, your awake! How do u feel?," said Chase. "I'm fine.," answered Lilly. She was really happy to see him. Lilly was happy that Chase never left her side, she knew how much he really cared about Lilly. " Chase, can I tell you something.," asked Lilly. She was curious to know what was going
through his mind about the pregnancy. " Sure, Lil, what is it?," " I want to know what was going through your mind when I told you I was pregnant?," she asked. She couldn't stand not knowing what he felt. All along, she has felt like she let chase down and really hurt his feelings getting pregnant, when they don't have the money and because of how young they are. " Well...," said chase. " I really don't know, I feel like I did this to you and I'm the reason your having all these problems, if had just used a condom like we should have done, then you wouldn't be in this hospital bed right now worrying about how we are going to do this.," Chase added. He didn't want to make Lilly feel bad, but the pregnancy and all the medication was making her hormones go insane. Lilly started crying and Chase felt horrible. He climbed in the bed next to her and held her while she cried. He loved her no matter what and he couldn't deny that. " I love you, Lilly. I didn't mean to make you cry.," Chase told Lilly. " I can't help but cry, you didn't make me feel bad and I love you too.," Lilly said. She couldn't
understand why he felt so bad. It was her choice just as much as his not to wear a condom. Lilly understood why Chase felt like it was his responsibility, even though there was equal responsibility between both of them, Lilly realized that Chase felt responsible for putting her in the hospital, if they hadn't gotten pregnant, Lilly wouldn't be in the hospital because she fainted, unless she fainted due to being anemic. Chase and Lilly looked at each other with a look in their eyes that proved the love and chemistry between them. Lilly felt so beautiful when she was with Chase, he made her feel like she was the only one that mattered in the world. Chase made Lilly feel really special.

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