My Morning Star

May 28, 2010
As the sun rose up into the sky, sunlight shown through the huge maple trees, making their green leaves glow. A breeze swept through the forest. The young squirrels seemed to chase the wind as they leaped from tree to tree. Birds sang, cheering up even the saddest of creatures. As the forest went through its daily ritual a young man slid behind one of the trees, hiding himself. He stared at his prey that was in front of him, a young white tailed doe. He gripped his rifle tighter; beads of sweat ran down his tan neck. The bottoms of his trousers were caked with dirt. He took a careful step forward, pointing the gun with an experienced hand. The trees seemed to sway with him as he moved. The deer flicked her ears as a robin fluttered on the tree next to her. The doe looked around nervously. The young man stood still, watching the deer through a nearby bush.
After what seemed like hours the deer went back to nibbling the green, luscious grass, unaware of her fate. Seeing this, the boy almost felt sorry for the deer. He had never liked hunting animals but he knew he had to, to feed his mother and his siblings. He took another step towards his prey, feeling the anxiety build up. He raised his rifle, ready to shoot; then something interrupted him. It was the sound of hooves beating against the wet earth. The deer, having heard this sound also, scattered away deeper into the forest, disappearing.
The young man cursed under his breath as he realized he would have to find something else to hunt. The disappointed hunter turned his focus towards the sound. The sound was getting louder and soon he could see a black horse weaving through the trees. As the horse came closer he realized it wasn’t alone. On the horses back was a girl. Her long, black hair seemed to blend in with the horse’s mane and coat. It gleamed in the sunlight, like a newly polished black pebble. She wore a deerskin dress with colorful beads attached to it, identifying her as an Indian. Only her skin was a pure ivory. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
He stood there staring at her. He watched as her beautiful blue eyes widened in surprise as she saw him. She halted her horse to a stop, whispering almost inaudible words. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. Both examined each other. He stared at her ice blue eyes. He saw specks of gold and dark blue as they hit the sun. Then the sound of men yelling broke the peaceful silence. The girl’s expression changed, she looked worried and almost scared.
“You have to go.” She said in a perfect English accent.
“Wait. But…” What was he going to say? That he wanted to be with her. He didn’t even know her.
“Now!” She said it in a stern voice.
Something told him that he shouldn’t argue. He turned to leave then looking back at her he asked, “Before I go, can I at least know your name?”
She sighed. “I believe in your language I am called Morning Star. Now go!” She had yelled the last words; she now looked at him with urgency. She turned her horse towards the direction of where the men yells had come from. She galloped away.
As she road away he had thought about following her but then dismissed that thought. He would never catch up; they had already gone. Then he ran. He didn’t now how long he had been running when he had decided it was safe and he slowed to a walk. He would be home soon. The boy looked around, wondering what had just happened. He thought of the girl, her long, black hair and her ice blue eyes. She looked like an Indian in the way she dressed, yet she couldn’t have been. Not with those eyes.
He trudged through the forest empty handed and confused. He had thought about finding something else to hunt before he got home until he realized he had left his gun there. Plus all he wanted to do was go home. Soon his wish was granted. He caught sight of home. As he approached, he saw all of the familiar faces run through out all of the little shops and stores, getting what they needed. He looked back at the forest as if someone had called his name from the deep depths. He thought of the girl in the woods again. Right at that moment he decided to go back into the forest tomorrow and hopefully find this mysterious Morning Star. As he was thinking he didn’t notice a girl running up to him.
“Blake.” She said in a southern accent.
Blake looked up in surprise. He smiled in her direction, holding his hand out.
She accepted it eagerly. “Hello Ivy. Don’t you look pretty today?” She blushed showing a pink rosy color. Ivy was wearing a deep purple dress and white gloves. Her dark brown hair was down and in curls. He saw her smile at him with her perfect teeth. This made him feel guilty. How could he be thinking of the girl in the forest when the most beautiful girl in town was after him? Besides I will probably never see her again, he thought. Pushing his thoughts aside he took Ivy’s arm and walked through town, smiling his biggest smile, leaving the girl behind in the woods… for now.

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