Sequel to the notebook

May 7, 2010
By JadeAlexaBaybee BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
JadeAlexaBaybee BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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In this scene a new character is introduced, her name is Lilly Ann and she was a girlfriend of Noah over the seven years. She knocks at the door as Noah and Allie are eating lunch.

(Lilly Ann – Knocking)

Allie: Hello, may I help you with something ms?

Lilly Ann: umm yes, I’m looking for Noah.

Allie: May I ask for what and your name please?

Lilly Ann: well I’m his ex-girlfriend and I need to speak to him.

Allie: ohh my, let me go get him.

(Allie yells to Noah to come to the door, as soon as he reaches the door his mouth drops)

Noah: Lilly pad what are you doing here?

Allie: Lilly pad? – What?

Lilly Ann: it’s a nickname he used to call me, we anyways hello to you to Noah. Are you going to invite me in?

Noah: umm yeah okay come on in. Lilly this is my wife Allie, Allie this is …. Lilly.

Allie: Well what are you here today for ms?

Lilly Ann: well we have a problem, over the 7 years you to were apart I was here and Noah and I were together, what I’m trying to say is that Noah got me pregnant and we have, not only one but two kids, TWINS!

(Allie’s mouth drops and she starts to scream and yell)

Allie: why would you leave this woman if you knew she was pregnant? I always wanted children but you always said “no, not yet, wait baby.” But now you have twins with a woman your not even with!

Noah: I NEVER KNEW SHE WAS PREGNANT! I swear to you honey, who knows she might be lying.

Lilly Ann: I have no reason to lie, they look just like you and I am even willing to get a DNA test!

Noah: how do you know they are my kids? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Where are they?

Lilly: ohhh my goodness Noah! They’re your kids because we were together for a year and a half, I didn’t know until you left me and moved away, I couldn’t call or contact you, and they are at my mothers house downtown.

Allie: This is too much!

Lilly Ann: No one is asking you guys to help me with anything I just wanted you all to know that Noah IS the father of my children and they would like to have their father in their lives.

Noah: I can’t believe this! I need a drink….. Maybe two.

Allie: now Noah stop it with that nonsense talk, no need for drinks. Lilly when or if we find out those children are his kids, we will give you money each month to help support those children, but he will NOT be a part of their lives, I’m sorry but I have to be selfish.

Lilly Ann: you are an evil woman, do you have a heart?

Allie: Yes I do and Noah has it so do me a favor and Leave now.

Lilly Ann: okay I will leave but just know how you are effecting my children’s lives.

Allie: mhmmm goodbye.

(Lilly walks out the door)

Noah: you are kind of mean sweetheart.

Allie: Noah I DON’T care !

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