why, he asked her. why?

May 25, 2010
She told him she couldn't tell him how she felt because she felt nothing.
why, he asked her. why? how could she not feel the heat and the cold and the rain and the wind?
no, she said, not real things.
those she could feel, feel so much. but things that weren't real to her. pain, sadness, happiness. she couldn't feel the things that spoke to her heart. she couldn't feel them.
why, he asked her. why?
you can't feel with a broken heart, she told him. it's too broken to feel anything because she was protecting it. she couldn't feel happiness because it wouldn't be constant and when it was gone, it hurt.
she didn't want to feel it.
she faked a smile...
he took her hand in his...
she stared at his fingers holding here, her eyes sad.
then the smile became real.
she could feel again...

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