Our Love Story: Birthday Edition

May 14, 2010
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Today is a very special day for a special couple. A very special girl has a birthday today and is turning the age of 17. The day begins and a boy wakes up early in the morning to take a test. He is the first person to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday. As he is taking the test, he imagines how the rest of the day will be and puts a smile on his face to get him through the long boring test. After finishing the test he immediately texts his girlfriend and tells her how much he has missed her and cannot wait to see her.
His girlfriend reads the text and is excited that she gets to see the person who understands her the most. She quickly replies making sure he doesn’t text while driving and is safe on his way home. She is getting ready at home to go out on their date when she gets a text from him awaring her that he has made it home. Once he gets home and gets in the shower he flashes back on the amazing year he has had with this beautiful girl. As he is thinking about their relationship coincidently so is the girl.
This year was their junior/senior years in high school. The relationship began when the soon to be couple were in one class together (chemistry) at opposite sides of the room. The two had never met, never talked, or even made eye contact with one another before, but the day they did will be remembered forever. Of course the first few times were awkward at first like the "hug turn" and the "forgetting what to say after you approach me" but it was a start. Christmas came with the start of the relationship and it has been smooth sailing from there. The couple progressed and grew closer to each other more and more. The end of the year came and the couple never knew that they would be now starting on their second year together. Through the ups and downs that this couple has faced nothing has brought them down and they are there for each other when they need the support. Being the best of friends that they could be to each other and their "soul mates", they cannot believe that they are perfect for each other like a puzzle piece.
The couple both, unknowingly, flashes back on their whole relationship so far on June 13th and smiled the entire time thinking about it. There has not been one disappointment in the relationship they have and never will be. It is not coming up on their 18 months of being together and it is a beyond amazing feeling. The boy thinks to himself that after the summer he will be leaving for college leaving her behind but he does not worry because today his beautiful girlfriend is turning 17 and nothing should ruin her day. There is a lot to look forward to as well as there is a lot to look back on, but today is the present and today is her birthday.

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