Steffon the Great

May 18, 2010
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In a beautiful spring meadow there was a caterpillar named Steffon. But Steffon was no ordinary caterpillar, he was one of the ugliest and most shy caterpillars of the caterpillar kingdom.

Steffon went to the local school house a ways down the branch. School was a bad time for Steffon, he was bullied by the other caterpillars that were either a more vivid color, or had a better caterpillar physique. Steffon was a short and fat caterpillar. Compared to the other kids, that were red, blue and yellow, he was a very dull and boring gray. And the fact that all the other caterpillars had long, wavy, beautiful hair and that Steffon had poorly done corn rows added to his bullying. But there was one reason that Steffon looked forward to going to school for.
Kee$ha was the most beautiful caterpillar Steffon had ever seen. Kee$ha was very outgoing and a very high paced caterpillar. Steffon and Kee$ha had been best friends ever since they could remember. Their mothers were friends and they were born in the same branch of their tree on the same day. Kee$ha was one of the only girls that talked to Steffon at school. Whenever Steffon was being bullied or picked on by some of the more popular caterpillars, Kee$ha would step in and break up the commotion. Over the years, Steffon had grown to love Kee$ha, but he was afraid she didn’t feel the same way. He was afraid that if he told her how he felt of her, it could possibly ruin their friendship.

But one day, Steffon felt this feeling inside of him, it was his love for Kee$ha. He couldn’t fight this feeling anymore, he knew that today was the day he would express his love to Kee$ha. And there she was, the love of his life, sitting within crawls reach, he saw the friend that he could potentially lose. So he started his long and slow walk up to her, his body shaking and not sure what to say. Before he knew it, he was standing right next her, he opened his mouth but no words came out, he could not believe this was happening! But before he could even manage to get out a stutter, Kee$ha turned to him and said, “Oh, hi Steffon! Guess what?! Pedro just asked me if I wanted to come to his house Saturday night and watch Return of the Butterfly.” Still stuttering, Steffon asked, “So you two are…?” And without missing a beat, Kee$ha nodded and skipped off, whistling in a happy tune. Steffon couldn’t believe what was happening, the one caterpillar he had ever loved, left for another caterpillar. Steffon didn’t know what to do now, he had nothing to live his caterpillar life for, and so he decided he would be a recluse.

Over the next couple of days Steffon didn’t do much. He laid at home playing Call of the Caterpillars and watching Lord of the Butterflies. But one day, Steffon heard a knock on his door. He slowly began to open the door when he heard Kee$ha’s voice. He couldn’t decide if he was happy or sad to see her, but before he could decide, Kee$ha asked, “Steffon where have you been? I’ve been so worried!” “Why don’t you just get Pedro to comfort you?” Steffon replied. Kee$ha looked puzzled, she said, “What do you mean? Pedro and I are just friends.” Not believing this, he said, “Oh yeah, so what about you two’s date?” “No you silly goose, Pedro and I watched because we were studying it for our theater class.” said Kee$ha. “So you two weren’t on a little date?” asked Steffon. “No Steffon” said Kee$ha, “The only boy I want to date is you, you’re my best friend, and the only caterpillar for me.” And without saying another word, Steffon and Kee$ha strolled down the beautiful spring meadow.

But, we no longer remember him as Steffon the Ugly, or Steffon the Recluse. He is now known as Steffon the Great. Because even when Steffon had almost lost hope, he showed that things can always take a turn for the best.

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TeaCat said...
Mar. 25, 2011 at 9:11 am
This is bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AshTree said...
Nov. 12, 2010 at 3:45 pm
Haha. This is cute and makes me laugh at the same time.
spradles73 said...
Jun. 2, 2010 at 5:10 pm
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