When Will He Ever Win

May 18, 2010
Landon Joseph Nix is a twenty-four year old male. He resides in DuQuoin, IL. He is single, unfortunately. He is a hopeless romantic, but he has horrific luck with women. If he had a girl he would buy her flowers, make her dinner, and listen to music by the fire. He wishes for the day he may be able to slide the iconic ring on a women’s finger and ask her to marry him. Lonely as can be, he can only hope that one day he will have someone to share his life with.

As he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see what others do. Landon see’s frizzy brown hair and big ears cover by a curly mop. The freckles that cover his face are a nuisance and his short stature only makes things worse. Others see him differently. He has soft brown curls and a fit body. He is strong with amber-colored eyes you could get lost in. The way Landon see’s himself is one reason women don’t look twice. He walks with horrible posture, which only makes him look shorter, trying to blend with the crowd. With no confidence he disappears into the world only standing out when he makes a mistake, and that’s all anyone ever notices.

Day in and day out Landon does the same things. When he thinks about his life he realizes that it is uneventful and very predictable. Waking at 6:30 A.M. every morning, he showers and dresses. After getting himself ready he sits down at the bar and reads the morning paper. Every morning he drinks a Coca-Cola and eats a blueberry bagel from the bakery. He works as a journalist for The Herald, he covers the gossip column. It was not his first choice, but all the other journalist had the jobs filled for the more important and exciting columns. After he returns from work he runs on the treadmill for forty-five minutes. Every night he eats hot wings or frozen pizza both with ranch dressing, only after he has his shot of jagermeister.

Today was different. His morning routine went as usual and he arrived at work and completed his daily tasks as assigned, but as he walked out of the building one person caught his eye. She was wearing slacks and a gray cardigan, and she made eye contact with him. Not just a regular look. She made contact and held until she couldn’t anymore. He followed her to the park. As he looked around he felt like they were the only two there alone. Everyone else had their families there.

As he approached her, her cheeks brightened with color.

And when he was finally in enough distance to where she could hear him she ran past him and fell into another man’s arms with delight.

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