May 13, 2010
When she turned around all she could see was the closed door. He had just left. Their final night together was over. They would never be what they had been before and they both knew it was the last time. She went to her room and started to cry. She had never been treated so well by someone. She had never had someone else care about her so much. Why did it have to end like this? Why did it have to be that he left? All the questions were soon forgotten in her tears and she realized the truth of it all. As she laid there wishing for nothing but him she saw what he'd been trying to tell her. He was too old. Their kind of love was illegal. God, would she miss him... He had been her protector, her gaurdian angel, the only person who cared. When she had been going through a rough time, he'd been the one to hold her as she cried and just whisper to her, "Sweetie, it's alright." Nothing was right anymore.

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