One Girl's Wish

May 20, 2010
By Lindsey000 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Lindsey000 BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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My long, skinny arm reaches towards the dark wooden cabinet overhead to grab an empty glass. I swiftly walk over to the sink to turn on the faucet causing the cold water to flow into the unfilled cup. I place the full glass on the end-table joining the few beer bottles that still exist from the night before which lay next to my mother’s head. Then I quickly grab my school bag and run out the door.
Many girls have their own little unrealistic fantasy of the perfect guy who will ride up on his white horse one day and save them from some ghastly disaster. What an impractical ideal. There is no such thing! If there were, I would not be here, stuck in this broken home. I wish each drop of poison that lands in my mother’s mouth would just evaporate into thin air. Longing to see her joyful, warm brown eyes again, not shut, not in a daze but filled with love and happiness with her wonderful loud, clear voice. Yet I fear that day will never come until my father returns. He won’t and that’s the cause of my mother’s new companionship with our ancient, green couch in the living room with various bottles of alcohol that join her. But I’ve learned to deal with it.
Walking through my days numb and without thinking, I go through my usual routine. I go to school, do my homework, and take care of myself whenever it’s truly needed. I have no friends or anyone that might get too close because it’s useless. Earlier in my life I learned that there is no point in trusting others when there’re just going to leave eventually. I wish every morning I could walk out my front door, just run away from my life here and never return again, but unfortunately I head off to school. Then again, if you really think about it, there are always down sides to someone’s dreams. The main reason why I’m still here is for my high school diploma, plus it’s only one more year until I’m 18 and then I’ll be free to move away from my past and move on to my future.
A few minutes later the final bell rings. I arrive late to class hoping I am too small to be seen. Lo and behold there was Ms. Cole glaring at me with her bloodshot eyes and her unmade bed appearance.
She said in exasperation, “Just go sit down, Anna!”
I smile apologetically and then turned to walk to my seat and realize that being late to class turned out not to be the worst part of the morning, the whole class staring at me was. I shyly move towards the back of the classroom, to my seat, where my empty table waits for me with no one existing next to my chair. The cold, plastic chair chills my leg as I sit down and the class slowly starts up again. But an unexpected delay as the door gradually opens again. Ms. Cole turns on the heels of her cheap, maroon clogs and acknowledges the person who interrupts her class for the second time. Everybody freezes as fresh blood walks into the room. He is tall and lanky with a muscular build to him. His sapphire blue eyes and perfect dazzling smile greets his new teacher as she explains where to sit. Then he turns and starts walking toward my table. Oh my goodness I have an empty seat next to me, no more peaceful chemistry classes for me. I lift the hood of my sweatshirt up over my head and stare down at my books that seem to catch my attention suddenly.
The chair pulls out next to me with a screech from the ceramic tile which lays through out the classroom. Then silence. I don’t hear my teacher or the other students whispering among themselves. All I hear is my heart beating through my chest and my breath quickening. “What’s the harm of taking a peak, right?” I think to myself. He has short brown hair, but in the right light it could almost have the color of black coal. I didn’t notice I was staring for so long until our eyes met
“Hey I’m Ian. I guess I’m your new lab partner,” he says as a smile starts to sneak upon his face.
“Well “new lab partner” keep up,” I say bluntly.
His smile keeps growing as I turn back to the teacher attempting to pay attention.
“So what’s your name?” obviously Ian was not getting the hint I’m not worth talking to.
“Annabelle – Anna for short.”
“Wow that’s a unique name. Is it a family name or just…”
“I know your new, Mr. Hunt, but please do pay attention,” Ms. Cole announces in her firm tone.
“Sorry Mama,” he said as I take a sigh of relief when his attention is shifted to Ms. Cole’s lecture and not directed at me.
Then again I have a weird urge to tap him on the shoulder and explain the reasoning of my name. I sneak one more glance and at that very moment he does the same, and we both laugh quietly. It feels nice to be happy even if it was for a minute.

Another moment like that didn’t happen for the rest of the class period sense we had a lecture which includes taking notes without a break. As soon as the bell rang to end class everyone jumps up and runs out the room so fast there is an immense traffic jam at the door. I’m so eager to get out of here, but I don’t have that much determination. I start to pack my notebooks into my backpack when I notice Ian is still in his seat too, and I can feel his eyes glued on me.
“So I was wondering if you could show me around here a little and maybe help me find my classes,” he says while standing up out of his chair and placing his backpack on his shoulder.
I look up at him and I figure he’s got to be over six feet tall. He looks down at me (barely making 5’4”) and smiles a hopeful, striking, gorgeous smile.
“I’m sorry I can’t,” I say and quickly turn around and head out the door, breaking through the people as best as I can. I didn’t see him again that day and I decided that was a good thing.

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This article has 2 comments.

on May. 30 2010 at 4:20 pm
Mykindapeopledontcarewhatyouthink BRONZE, Gueydan, Louisiana
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that was good. Are you going to continue the story?

biddycakes said...
on May. 26 2010 at 7:14 pm
biddycakes, Charlotte, North Carolina
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that was reeeeally good! keep me updated!


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