One Last TIme

May 9, 2010
By Snowflake23b SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Snowflake23b SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Everyone wants to go to heaven, but No one wants to Die"
~ Not written by Me

I walked over to the ocean shore and sat down in the still warm sand. The sun was just now setting and soon dark would aproach. As the wind began to get angry, waves now roughly splashing over the vast beach, and the air now freezing cold I felt the only warm thing touch my sholders. I looked up and saw him standing there, his dark brown hair hiding his blue eyes. I never wanted to let this go but I knew it would have to end. In his hands was a blossoming flower, two accually. They were the best kind, white roses. He placed them down by me and then sat down too.
Our eyes met and he could feel something was wrong." Is there somthing you want to tell me?" He asked almost silent.
He knew me to well. " Nothing that I want to say right now." I told him honestly. I just wanted the moment to last a little longer before tears would take his place.
His hand reached out and I took it tightly. I didn't see why this had to end now. I loved him so much it was dangorous to let this continue. I was prepared to die for him. I would obey every comand that ever left his mouth.
" You know you are going to have to talk to me. I don't understand... I can't help with no information." He softly said while he moved my hair so he could see my face.
" I can't keep doing this. You know I would do anything for you and people are getting worried, suspisous even." I said.
" So because you care so much you are going to leave me...he said almost angry. " please, I will do what ever I can to change your mind."
"I will give you one more chance on one condition, you can never let me go, never hurt me lke the last time."
" Of course, you are the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I keep moving. You are everything to me, I would give up my life." His hand rubbed my face gentally.
I smiled lightly, tears filled my eyes and soon flooded my face. He reached up trying to make them go away.
" I thought that would be good news." he said.
" It is great news, my tears are filled with joy." I wiped the remaining tears away. As we got up and began to walk to the peer a lound noise shot through out the air. We looked around but saw nothing. I paniced, my feet felt like huge weights. My body was numb. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a gun pointed right at us. The noise was heard again and a bullet hit the center of his chest. He fell to the ground. I dropped too. More tears ran down my face. What was I going to do?! No one was here, or could here us. Where the gun was I didn't know. He pulled me down closer to him. He held me there in silence. I locked my arms around him. Helpless sobbs leaked out of my mouth.His blinks were slow, I didn't know which breathe would be his last. I stumbled up and trembled. " I going to help you, don't worry....!".My feet stuck far into the now dead cold sand. His warm blood reached my toes. " Please don't leave me! Please!" I desperatly screamed again to him. I pulled on him trying to get us somewhere but is seamed useless. I stumbled more, little movements got us almost a foot farther. " He tryed to talk but his voice was drained out.
" What?!"
" I...I am not going to make it. You need to go. Call the police, get help for yourself. Just go.." He said very quietly. His breathes were now gone, his eyes sealed shut with one last tear falling from his eyes. I screamed more, cryed and fell asleep in his now bloody but still warm arms. The one thing that was warm was him.
The sun was now out, alarms filled the air and my sight was blured.
" Are you ok miss?" A man asked me. " I, I, we.. need help." I whispered. He lifted me up and onto a hospital bed and I was rushed to the hospital but I really didn't think I was hurt. I thought about what happened. I felt numb. I knew that night something was wrong. I knew some how it had to end. But I didn't think I would only have one last time. I didn't think it ment he would vanish. I didn't think it had to be set in stone.

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