i knew you knew.

May 8, 2010
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uh, sundays. normally i have something i'm working on or preparing for, but i have to say this has been a lazy weekend. i'm kinda in a slump, but you already knew that.
i went to bed at 2am last night, i was busy listening to our song, you know, the one that you sing when your bored and the one i adore. i didn't know the song before we started sitting together at lunch, but you already knew that.
today i went to church, i thought about you, and how you should go back. i wanted to text you so i could say i that maybe i have to admit something to you. but you already knew that.
it was lunch time and i was home alone, my music was loud, drowning my crazy thoughts. i was being really hard on myself, again. but you already knew that.
i went for a run to clear my mind, did i mention i hate sundays? the road was unforgiving and my legs crapped with each step. i was tired but wasn't going to give up. but you already knew that.
when get in the shower, my body released under the water. i used the shampoo that you used that one night you came over. i remember that night. we laid in bed and looked out the window, i love laying in silence with you. but you already knew that.
monday morning rolls around and i put on jeans and a t-shirt. one you said you liked a while ago. i wonder if you remember? i was hoping you did, and this it was still your favorite. but you already knew that.
i saw you in the hall this morning. i was walking with him, but you were with her. we should have traded, cause i needed you. i needed your words and your thoughts, i needed you to listen. but you already knew that.

"hey, i think we need to talk, it's been awhile." the words are instant relief. i fidget with bracelet you made me. you hold out your hands.

i knew you knew.

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