May 7, 2010
Taking my hand. We danced. 4,600 eyes staring at us. I smiled. Feeling love and happiness. More like, another Cinderella story. But he was already the one. No need to look for, my Prince Charming. It was perfect. The dance, my dress, shoes, everything. I loved this day, it was very special.

It was all a dream. He wasn't next to me when I woke up, not anymore in other words. Want to know what happened? My husband died at the age of 57, suicidal. I'm 55, alive. 5 years ago he died on his bed, and I was at work. Cops found his body in the closet... Why am I having a dream, now?

May 6, as I looked on the calendar. I'm very tired right now. I've received a letter from an old friend of mine, Jessa. The letter was... shocking. It was about my husband, James. He's... alive? Jessa wrote me the truth and what actually happened. It wasn't his body the cops found. It was someone else. (See, I wasn't there when that happened remember? And as I got there, the body was all wrapped up.) I decided to look for him. But I saw another, small, letter in the envelope. It was from James.

Dear Victoria,
As you read this I know you'll be scared and not believing in this, but I'm still alive. I was kidnapped 5 years ago. I don't know where I am. Someone lend me paper, an envelope, and a pen. Please do not call the police when you read this. There's... slave owners here. I'm very sorry, for everything that has happened to you while I was... gone.
I love you, with all my heart, no matter what you'll always be there on my side.

Love, James.

I noticed the date was 2000. It's year 2008. What's happening, or what happened? Why did I received this letter now? I'm asking too many questions. I took a deep breath. Suddenly I heard the doorbell. It was James. Clean. Nice. Perfect.

This whole day I was dreaming, received a letter, and my dream came true. He's back. Alive. Now, all I know is that I'm feeling this love and happiness again.

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