Unrequited Love

May 12, 2010
Here we are again. A normal day at school and we can’t stop flirting for two seconds. I laugh at your joke, even though it wasn’t that funny, and just stare at your face. It should be you. You should be the one I love. But why don’t I. You’re anything a girl can ever ask for and I know that with you, I would be safe. Your like no other guy, you really see me for who I am, and care about me more then anyone else ever has. But then why? Why cant I love you back? I try so hard I really do. You’re everything that’s right for me, and everything I should be in love with. You’re my best friend, the person who knows me better then anyone else in the world. I just cant imagine being with you in that way, and it hurts me that I’m hurting you. I guess I’m not ready, I’m too busy with petty crushes. I know your what’s right, but I can’t help but look for something… else. I had always heard that love was complicated and love hurt, but I always thought people where exaggerating. Now I know what they mean. Love is complicated, Love is cruel, Love is confusing. You love me. But I don’t love you back…

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Jazzy-Fizzle said...
May 24, 2010 at 4:43 pm
I have been in the same position before, and it's really hard. Really nice story:)
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