Dear Diary: Is it Worth it?

May 11, 2010
Is it worth it? Is he worth it? These questions run through my mind constantly over and over again. He tells me if I break up with him theres no one who would take me in as quick as he did. My inner self says its the truth and to hope for the best out of him, that maybe someday he'll change. Maybe, just maybe my eyes would be dry for once. The pressure,the pain is overiding my heart. Im scared that ill be filled with a pile of lonliness, conquered by every word he says. It strange because i always seem to blame myself for my non-mistakes. Maybe theres something im doing wrong it has to be. I mean he's not that bad he doesn't hit me or anything, but its the cruel words he use, they somehow get inside of my skin and crush me to bitter pieces. I know what your thinking, "just break up with him, its easy", but its not, I have no one, he's the only one in life I know that will be there for me, maybe not like I want him to be there,but he's there.And all this pain i feel towards him just makes me wonder, is he worth it or am I worth it. I guess only the future could tell....Goodnight Diary

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tdnarb said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 11:15 pm
Being a guy, I know there are better guys out there than this one.  There are guys who are understanding and compassionate.  I know because I am one myself.  I know breaking up with him would not be easy, but there are much better guys out there and I'm sure one of them is for you:)
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