Undying Love

April 15, 2010
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The breeze was blowing and nipping at my face, but I was already numb enough that it didn’t even bother me. I stared at her beautiful face and wished that things could have turned out better. She wasn’t yet from my sight but the pain of missing her was lying on my heart like a hot coal inside of me. I recall all the things we had done together and the things that I know I will miss about her most. When she laughed I could think of no better sound in the world, it lightened my eyes when I heard her laugh. Her smile was the most perfect I had ever seen, it shined more beautiful than pearls. Her hair bounced off her head in curls of bright red. Finally her eyes, oh man her eyes. When I look at her I get lost in her eyes, they are the most beautiful sky blue eyes in this world, but I will never see them again.

I know that I love her more than life itself and I would happily give mine for hers, but that won’t change anything now. What’s done is done and no matter how hard I try I cannot reverse it.

I slip my class ring off her finger and look at her face one more time. Even though I whisper it softly you can hear my words floating on the breeze;

“I love you.” is the only words I can manage as they close the casket and lower her into the ground.

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