Faith's Hand

May 4, 2010
By behindtheblueeyes GOLD, Michigan Center, Michigan
behindtheblueeyes GOLD, Michigan Center, Michigan
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"Never look back, just keep moving forward"

Soon You start to wonder even why you are on this earth. You are no good for it. You were a mistake, You should be banished away. Thinking about running away, Maybe if you ran far enough you would never have to see the pain again and you could start over. But the fact is it's still going to be in your heart. You felt it and that's something that you just can't take away. No matter how far you run how many times you try to forget it, you never will. You fell in love and that's unmistakable. So you sit under the tree with your bag in your hand wondering were do you go from here. Do you keep on running and hope you get somewhere or do you walk back and admit that your not strong. This is were you decide how your going to play out your life. Never did you know you were going to come to this. As you stand up you see in the blink of a eye your future right in front of you. As a single tear falls from your eye. This is your final breaking point. So you start to walk but you take one glance back hoping you don't ever go back to that again, for you have finally admitted your not strong and you need a hand to hold, as you hold tighter to faith's hand.

The author's comments:
We all get in that spot were we wanna run away and never come back. But sometimes you gotta turn around and admit you need help.

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