Beautiful Youth

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The entryway was as divine as she remembered. This was the girls second time in this grand manor. The young lady was told to come after her love encounter with the woman‘s, who owned the place, grandson. She was told to stand in the middle cercal of the main room. There stood the grandson. She had seen him so very many times before. For she loved him. He was standing there in the same thing he wore at the ball the first time she met him. Elegant cloth they both wore. Her a olive ball gown. He a petite coat with tails.
He gazed at the her. She walked forward and took his hand. Still gazing at her, she looked away knowing that her beauty was a cures of disaster. “I have been waiting for you.” He said with a whisper to his voice. “I …. I know.” She replied. He tried to meet her beautifully shocking blue eyes and when he did he pulled up her hand and kissed it. She smiled. He picked up her hand and started to dance. Her giggles at his improper steps turned into a laugh. “Oh to here your laugh. I have not herd or even seen you in so long and I shall never let you leave me again.” There was a long pause then he kissed her with the deepest passion. It was one of the most beautiful kisses of all time. “So there is a reason I asked you to come here tonight.“ He got down on one knee. “Will you-” He was cut off by a treble shout. “Stop! Don’t do it!” It was the old woman.
The young lady picked up her skirt and ran. For the woman did not like her. For the reason, well it was unknown. Some say because the girl did not come from royalty others say because she was mad that her grandson choose her over the other more practical girls. What ever the reason, she hated her. ‘’Grandmother stop.’’ The young man demanded. “No!!!” Then there was a loud bang from the garden, and to fallow a scream. The young man ran out only to see the young lady laying on the grass, her dress covered in blood and the butler with a gun in his hand. He hand killed her at the old hags request. The women tried to get him back inside and forget her. But he refused. So she went in, with the butler going after, as he feel to his knee’s weeping over his true loves dead body.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in fifth grade. I find it quite rediculous, but since I've kept it around for so long it has to have some significance.

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