May 3, 2010
By Anonymous


Lena: Tries to be carefree and risky with life, but she knows she isn’t. She thinks about every decision and all the possibilities or obstacles she could face in the future. She is very mature for her age, which is seventeen. She is going to be a senior in the fall at a high school in Ohio. She feels like she has the world and her dreams in a hand reach. She has been in South Carolina for three weeks with her family on vacation. She is tall and thin, with long, messy, brown hair that she always keeps down to blow in the wind. Her skin is olive and tan from the hot, beach sun.

Jake: Just like any other eighteen year old, teenage boy, he was looking for a good time. Yet he has recently changed and matured this summer. He now thinks before he acts and is actually responsible. He has his new girlfriend, Lena, to thank for that. He lives in South Carolina, and met her while they were both at the beach. He is also about to become a senior. He is tall, with short brown hair, a toned body from playing soccer, and very tan skin from always being outside. He knows when he wants something, he won’t give up till he gets it, and this summer he has found someone he doesn’t think he can live without.

Stevie: Young and carefree, his thoughts and actions are always filled with joy and restlessness. He is Lena’s eleven year old brother. He is getting to that age of attitude, yet he is still a polite kid. That is when he wants to be. Lena and he always bicker in unimportant quarrels. To Lena, he is just an annoying little brother.


Lena is standing at the water edge on the beach at stage down right. It is around seven at night. The beach isn't crowded, with only a couple people walking around the stage. There are hotel complexes all across the background of the up stage. There are some beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, and sand toys scattered across left center and right center stage. The sun is slowly going down, as darkness quickly arises. This is the last night she will be here in South Carolina, since her family and her are leaving around ten in the morning the next day. She stands in silent, thinking, and looking out into the horizon. Her eyes are glossy as her mind weeps with the thoughts of leaving.

Scene I

Jake: (Walks in from stage left. He sees her and says with relief as he quickly picks up his pace to where she is standing.) There you are, I've been looking all over for you. I checked your hotel lobby, the hotel gym, the pool, the hotel plaza, and I even went up to your condo. Your parents told me you were walking around on the beach, and so I came here to look for you. Wait, what are you looking at?

Lena: (Her stare is still straight into the ocean. Her voice is soft and sad.) Nothing, I'm just thinking.

Jake: (His voice fills with curiosity and worry as he steps closer to her. He wraps his arms gently around her waist and softly whispers in her ear.) Are you okay? Do you want to talk?

Lena: (She pulls herself out of his arms and abruptly turns to face him. Her face seems angry, but her voice sounds like she is about to cry.) No, no, no! I don't want to talk about it, because there is nothing to talk about! (She sits into a squat on the ground. She buries her face into her hands and she slowly begins to cry.)

Jake: (He bends down next to her and softly strokes her hair.) If you don't want to tell me that's fine, but I want you to know that I am here in case you change your mind.

Lena: (She glances up and looks him in the eye and whispers.) You already know what's wrong. We have known the whole time I have been here. The thing is, we just ignored it. Yet now, we have to face it.

Jake: (He stands up and looks down at her. His voice is filled with confusion, yet irritation.) Lena, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Lena: (She quickly stands up and throws her hands into the air in frustration.) Yes you do! Don't you see, this is the last time we will see each other! I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and you're staying here. I live in Ohio, you live in South Carolina. Do you know how many miles and hours apart that is? Don't answer, because we both know. (She starts pacing to down right center stage.)

Jake: (He follows her with his eyes still fixed on her.) We can make it work. I know, I believe, we can. Do you not have faith in us?

Lena: (She turns around and stares at him. Tears glide down her smooth cheeks. Her voice is sharp and determined.) Long distance relationships never work out. I don't know why, but they don't. I wish I wasn't leaving, I honestly don't, but I am, and I can't change it. Maybe the weeks we spent together were fun and great, but they're also over, and we just have to face that. I'm leaving, and you're staying.

Jake: It sounds easy, but we both know it isn't going to be. I mean sure we would have to work harder to stay together, but I'll put the effort in.

Lena: (She looks down at her feet in the sand. Her tears stop falling and she is silent for a minute. Her voice is then soft and shaky.) There will be other people out there that we will want to hang out with and date with a relationship that is easier than ours.

Jake: (He lifts her face up with two fingers and looks into her eyes.) So what are you saying? You think we should just break up and be done with each other and never see each other again?

Lena: (She pulls away and walks to center stage. Jake follows her. They sit down on the sand side by side and her voice is soft and calm.) I guess, I mean let’s be honest. Do you honestly think we could stay together? (The lights of the stage dim or go completely out.)

Scene II

Lena: (The stage lights slowly dim. There is a spotlight on Lena and Jake who are still sitting on center stage. Lena’s voice is still soft and calm.) So, do you think we could stay together, even though we will be miles and miles away from each other? It isn’t like I can just call you up and see if you want to hang out one weekend. I mean the chances of us staying loyal and together aren’t good. So, do you want to take that chance?

Jake: (He abruptly jumps up and looks at her straight in the eyes.) Yes I do! I mean Lena, I love you! I want to be with you!

Lena: (Her eyes widen and she looked at him for a long second before responding.) You what? You do? You mean it?

Jake: (His voice is intense and determined.) Yes Lena, I do. Why do you think I don't want to break up, why do you think I want to make this work! (His tone calms down and his voice slows up. He looks at her directly in her eyes as he speaks.) This has been the best three weeks of my life. When I met you at the beach, I didn't know we would become something so great. Then we saw each other again at the mall. Was it just a coincidence or maybe fate? (He pauses and smiles.) I knew it was corny to assume that it was fate, but I didn’t know, yet I wanted to take the chance. I went off on a limb and asked you out. From then on, we hung out almost every day. You gave me a reason to wake up each morning. You make me so happy that I couldn't even explain it to you if I tried. (He pauses to take a breath.) So yes you're leaving and I'm staying. We can at least try to make it work, because again, I love you.

Lena: (Tears begin to form again. Her voice is fast and her words become mumbled.) You love me? I love you too! I was too timid to tell you, because I was afraid I was only considered a summer fling to you. (She stops and begins to chuckle to herself.) I guess not. I guess I was more. I guess we were more.

Stevie: (He jogs onto stage from upper left center to them. He is sweaty and seems tired. He is out of breath and his words are bungled as he tries to catch his breath.) There you are Lena! I was literally looking all over for you! Mom wants you to come inside in a little bit.

Lena: (She quickly tries to wipe her tears and get her voice strong again.) Why do I have to go in?

Stevie: Mom wants you to go to bed early since you will be driving some of the way home. You also need to finish packing everything. I saw your room; you have a lot more to pack. It looks like you haven't even started! (He pauses and looks at her with a titled head that shows his confusion.) Wait, are you crying?

Lena: (She gets angry and shoves him back to where their hotel is.) No! Just get away! Tell mom I'll be inside in a little bit!

Stevie: Whatever! (He rolls his eyes and starts jogging back to the upper left center of the stage where he leaves.)

Lena: (She looks down and her voice becomes a whisper again.) I guess I should go in soon. (She glances up to look him straight in the eyes.) In other words, I guess this could be the last time I see you.

Jake: (He glances down for a second then back up at her.) Yes, I guess it could be, but let’s hope it’s not.

Lena: (A small smile begins to form on her face.) It won’t be the last time, I just know it won’t.

Jake: I’ll call you every day.

Lena: And I’ll try to convince my parents to let me visit you here whenever I possibly can.

Jake: (He smiles and wraps his arms around her waist to pull her closer to him. His voice is a whisper.) Love you.

Lena: (She wraps her arms around his neck and lays her head on his chest. She remains silent for a second then whispers back at him.) Forever. (They gently come closer to each other to kiss and then the lights of the stage turn off.)

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