April 29, 2010
My story, is just another love story. Started out as two innocent kids, ended up as two heartfelt lovers. Of course there was pain and suffering, but that just made us stronger. The only difference in our story is how we became stronger.
July, 7 1995 was the date. Blue skies, sunny, warm, and calm seas at the beach. I was just 19 at the time.Me and my girlfriends ventured down to the beach for a nice tanning sesion. In Bluffton, SC there isn't much to see, or do, so we mostly are at the beach 24/7.
I was feeling a little frisky that day and decided to swimout to the life bouy marking the "safe swim zone." I usually made this trip once a year and with the calm sea's the day felt perfect.
We had just gotten the new life guards and like usually, the looked amazing. Rippling six packs, tight wastes, bronzed bodies, and that "I'm in charge" look. I had already spent a lot of my time tanning that day checking out a particular one. As fate had it, he was the one in front of the buoy.
Now I bet ya'll are all guessing whats going to happen. I'm going to swim out there, something bad is going to happen, and he will save me. We will spend the rest of our days together, get married and have beautiful little babies. Sorry to tell ya, but you're wrong.
As I set out swimming, I heard a splash beside me. To my suprise the handsome life guard had jumped in and was swimming along side me. "Hi," I said and he replied "Hello Ma'am." "Ma'am? Do i look that old to you?" "Oh no, I'm just trying to be polite, I'm from Ohio and thought the old southern manners might help me talk to this beautiful southern girl."
Right there I was smitten. He was beautiful, called me beautiful, and could tell he meant it, beautifully haha.
As we swam out our effortless conversation continued and I know it was extremely early but I couldn't help but think how easy it was to be around this guy.
Early was all I got though, swimming out to the buoy the handsome life guard was caught off guard as everyone was. A tiger shark bit him once, then twice, and so on. Continuing to rip my ever so perfect dream of meeting Mr. Right out on a dreamy Carolina beach day.
As I screamed, he died. As I swam, he sank. As I watched, watied, and prayed, he tried his best to stay afloat.
He became just another statistic that day. Among the screaming and blood stained water he became the 37 person to die in South Carolina from a shark attack.
I became a statistic that day too. I became one of the many people that had felt a connection to those 37. One of the many who wanted more time with them. One of them who would be changed for ever by them
As I reflect back on that horrible day I remember that look in his eye. The wanting, just as I wanted, almost to say "I'm sorry I can't get to know you more."
I think about him everyday and realize that at sea he died, but in my heart he lives. You can critisize me for being so quick to fall in love, for being so rash. Critisize me for doing what most are afraid to do, act quick and live.

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