Michael and Me (Chapter 3 & 4)

April 28, 2010
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Chapter 3

We went out to eat at Apple Bees. Instead of eating there we got it to go and ended up eating at the beach. Then we went on a walk. At one point I wished that I had brought a change of clothes. I went to go walk around him, but he decided that it would be funny to walk into me. I went falling backwards into the water and I took him with me. I have to admit that I had wanted to go swimming for a while but I didn’t want to go swimming there or in that temperature of water. It was freezing! I wondered if he had accidentally pushed me or if he had planned it, because evidently, he had a different shirt to change into in his trunk with a pair of towels. We dried off and then got into the car. “So did you have fun?” he asked. “Yes it was fun, ha but I didn’t expect to go swimming,” I said. He drove me home. Just like when I was picked up, he opened the door for me and then escorted me to my front door. I hugged him and he kissed me. As he drove away, I walked inside and screamed with laughter and joy. I had the best night of my life with an amazingly gorgeous guy and his name was Michael Vander, Junior at Ottawa High.

Chapter 4

The next morning I had a feeling that Michael was going to either text me or call me to hang out. He did. I was going to meet him at his friend Lenny’s house in an hour, and I was already set to leave. All I had to do was fill my tank with $10 worth of gas and then head over there. When I arrived at Lenny’s, Michael was waiting for me at the front steps. We went inside and I discovered that it was huge! Not to mention it was immaculate. The band room was in the back of the house. The room was painted black and the carpet was a blood red color. There were several bean bags scattered around the room. I grabbed one and sat down. In the back of the room was all of the equipment. I met the band. There was Anthony, Dominic, Joseph, Tyler, and Cameron. They all fit the emo profile and they were definitely hot. They began their practice and I discovered that Michael was the screamer of the band. They did cover songs for various Screamo bands. They were good too.

After practice we all went out to eat. When went to Johnny’s Pizzeria. There were 7 of us so we got 3 pizzas. That may seem like a lot but they were also guys so they ate a lot. The topic of conversation was mostly about music and how school was a drag. Out of nowhere the topic about me and Michael came up. I dismissed it right away and changed the subject by complimenting them on how good they sounded during practice.

TBC (To Be Continued) ...

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SmileyFace94 said...
May 19, 2010 at 2:44 pm
this is really good. i love the story and micheal sounds like my perfect guy lol. could you check out my story called second chances? and comment and rate thanks. and keep writing, your really good at it :)
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