The Power of Love

May 5, 2010
By Sabrina Damato BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
Sabrina Damato BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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He was invisible. He was a mere shadow in the night- walking close to the stone buildings which hovered over the darkness. His black cloke danced beneath his feet as he speedily walked down the cobblestone street. His feet paced in a timely fashion, with no hesitation as to where he was headed.
He flinched as a burst of lightning revealed a laughing couple walking past. “Drunk fools,” he grumbled to himself as he lowered his hood down to the shadows of his hollow eyes.

His destination was to the highest point of Florence. He was headed straight to the colossal structure on the tip of the highest hill. The building had two massive pillars on either side, towering over the marble steps. With a heavy push, he shoved the massive double doors open. The candles flickered against the blood red walls that depicted a sense of eeriness. Above the white marble alter, towered a wooden cross which stabilized a statue of Jesus- his body bolted on the cross by his hands and feet.
Antonio averted his eyes away from the forsaken statue, for he was too ashamed. He was too ashamed to have stepped his filthy feet on such a holy ground. But being the noble Catholic he was, it seemed necessary. He immediately changed his direction to the statue at back of the church- where the holiest of virgins stood, cold as stone. Her blue robe draped around her head, down to her toes. Her hands were tightly pressed together while the rosary draped her fingertips. Antonio crouched over her marble feet as his body began to tremble. The tears that poured down his face dribbled down his cheeks, and onto the statue’s feet. Unable to gasp for breath, his weak body trembled to ground, grasping on to her ankles.
A soft hand touched his shoulder. “My son, why cry so feverishly?”
Antonio took a deep breath, “Father I have sinned,” he paused, “I have committed a terrible sin.”
“My son, all sins are repented with the forgiveness,” he assured the trembling man.
But the wise words of the priest did not calm Antonio. In fact it stirred him even more. “Father, my sins have been beyond repenting forgiveness! I have exceeded his faith to no return!”
The priest backed away, “how so?”
“More than you can comprehend,” he choked.
Immediately Antonio’s body collapsed on to the ground, following a violent cry of emotion.
“Father, she was so beautiful,” he moaned as he cradled his face, “her face was carved by angels. I wanted to marry her. But mother wouldn’t allow it. Mother said she was just a peasant girl- not from wealthy blood. She ordered me to never see her again. But my heart would not obey Mother. Because I love her, father. I love her so dearly.”
“Yes,” the priest sighed, “love can be a powerful thing.”
“Our love is too powerful. Love is too strong for a stable headed man.”
The priest hesitated, “now tell me Antonio, what was it that you wanted to confess? How have you sinned?”
Antonio paused, wondering if his faith should urge him to tell the truth, “I was in such a trance that my mind was spinning in circles. I was so overwhelmed with anger, that I went to the kitchen, grabbed the butcher’s knife, and stabbed her in the empty hole which she called her heart. Love can make one insane.”

The author's comments:
This novel was inspired by the Gothic genre

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on May. 14 2010 at 11:13 pm
Green8a8 SILVER, NY, New York
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Favorite Quote:
im the author of my life, unfortunately im writing in pen therefore i can't erase nothing about it.-by some crazy friend of mine

it was good, i just ont uderstand the endidng, did he kill his mother or the girl he loved??
but overall the sotry was interesting


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