He's the one

May 5, 2010
First thing first, the name is Adriana Isabella Cruz get it straight. It’s not what everybody else calls me. The student body at my school doesn’t seem to get it through their tiny heads that I’m not what they think I am. Only my best friends Chloe and Gabby now the real me. Second thing, I’m not into all that commitment crap. I do what I just do, even if that involves going from one boy to another, and I know that people have names for those kinds of girls, but I’m not like that. Just get to know me then you’ll realize.
I was sitting outside in the courtyard of my school skipping 6th period, since I had a history exam. I was with Chloe and her boyfriend Chad. They have been going out for years it seems like; I know they are going to just elope one day. They get all mushy around each other, that’s the thing I don’t like about them, just about every mushy in love couple to be honest. See like I said before, I’m not into all that commitment crap. It’s just not me, at all. That’s why I have a different boyfriend every few months. I get to know them and have fun, then give them what they really want and the next couple of days I give them the break up speech. That’s just how it has been in till Dante came into my life; I had feeling for this boy alright.
I flipped through my magazine while Chad and Chloe were making out under the tree. I could just about vomit. I tucked my dark brown almost black hair behind my ear, and squinted my eyes to look up at the sky. That’s when I saw him: Dante.
I went back to my magazine flipping through the pages quickly. By the time I looked up again there was the guy I saw coming. “Mind if I join you,” he says smiling already flopping next to me. All I could think to say was excuse you! But I calmed myself and turned to him.
“First of all who are you? Second you got a booger in your nose” I say a going back to my magazine. He was cute, well actually he was hot. I looked back at him his hand was flung over his nose. “I’m jk,” I say laughing a bit. Then I roll my eyes and look at him. He has the eyes I love, hazel with specs if of gold. I’ve never seen anyone with those eyes. It’s like they are pulling me in I can’t look away. His voice interrupts my gaze. “Do I have something on my face to since you keep on staring at me?”
I shake my head no and smile back at him. He starts to talk, but I tune him out I hate talkers that go on and on. I hear the bell ring so I gather my stuff and leave, leaving that guy behind, without a second glance back.
I go to the mall the next weekend thinking about that guy. Did he tell me what his name was? I hope he didn’t otherwise that was so rude of me to not listen. As I walk down the mall to the food court I see him. It’s like he is everywhere, since that day I met him. First I saw him walking home. Then I saw him at Wal-Mart, and at this seafood place I was at, and now here at the mall. He sees me and waves. I walk over to him.
“So are you going to at least give me your name this time?” he says smiling. God, he has a nice smile too. “My name is Adriana. That’s it, don’t call me anything else.”
“That’s a pretty name. And uh ok, I’m Dante,” he says still smiling. “You know I think we are destined to be together.” He says it like he knows it’s true. I shake my head and snort and walk away from him. Who does this guy think he is? I feel someone grab my arm. It’s him. “Can we at least talk? To get to know each other. I could take you to lunch I’ll pay.” I think about it, free lunch heck yeah! So I follow him and we take a seat with our food. Then he talks and I actually listen, we have tons of things in common.
And those eyes, God those freakin eyes pull me towards him. Then I blurt it out, “I love your eyes there very pretty.” Then I blush, God, why did I say that?
He laughs, and laughs, and then he takes a sip of his soda and looks at me. His face suddenly turns serious. “And you’re really pretty. Wait no, your beautiful.” That’s when my heart starts to race; I had some major feelings for that boy alright.

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CardinalRunner said...
May 15, 2010 at 10:24 am
i felt it was kind of fairy tale like. with him saying their just destined to be. i mean who just says that out of nowhere? ha they barely knew eachther. but other than that confusing stuff, nice work
sidneynicole replied...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 1:14 pm
lol thankss
EmelineM. said...
May 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm

ahhh , it makes me think of myselff!

i ♥ it ! keeep writtinggg :)


BrokenHearted1234 said...
May 12, 2010 at 4:48 pm
This was just about the cutest thing ever!you could be a very good writer(: i encourage you to make like a serious bookILY<3 KEEP WRITING GIRLY(:
N.Sweet said...
May 12, 2010 at 7:30 am
That's so great! I really get the personality of this girl through your writing. Keep writing!
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