The Lovely Couple

May 1, 2010
By Burke BRONZE, North Barrington, Illinois
Burke BRONZE, North Barrington, Illinois
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The couple is sitting in a local diner. It is early in the morning, and the breeze is blowing in through the open door. The floor to ceiling windows look out to another gloomy morning. They sip coffee. His with sugar, and hers with three creams. They watch the people of the night before slowly wind down, while the early birds emerge from their holes. From the other perspective, a person could see a lovely young couple holding hands while sipping coffee at a local diner. The misty morning creates a wall of droplets on the glass; separating the outside from the inside of the diner. Interrupted from people watching, the couple now proceeds with their stares towards one another, and the outside world could no longer admire their beauty.
One heaping plate of pancakes slides over to their table. The steam from the moist cakes breaks their stare once again. The only thing separating their love was steam. They smile at one another. They release their held hands and set down their cups. She begins to butter the plate, and he sits patiently, admiring her softness. She delicately spreads the butter with a slight grin on her face, as if at any minute she would burst out in laughter. He stares at the amazing contrast between the dark pancakes and her creamy pale skin. She finishes her part, and he tops the plate off with a swirl of syrup. Both catch eyes again and share the emotion of pure happiness. She giggles as he dramatically shimmies up to eat the pancakes. They pick up their forks and start to cut through the soft, perfect meal.

“ You do realize this will be the last real meal we will have for awhile.” he delicately spoke after swallowing his first bite.

“ Apparently you have doubted my cooking skills monsieur.” she brightly replied with a Parisian accent. He raises an eye, and they continue eating. They finished their shared meal, and sipped the rest of their coffee. He drops some bills on the table, and they swoop out the door and into the rain.

She fixes her long black hair in the car mirror, and he turns the key. They swiftly slide their large rimmed sunglasses on in sync. She stares at him, and he stares at her. They giggle a bit and kiss. The couple’s summer road trip begins.
As they wheel out of the small beach town, she lights up a cigarette for both of them. The cool wind blows the smoke around the car and out the back window. She follows the smoke with her head until she can no longer see it nor the town.

“ Were leaving Long Beach in the dust!” she laughed.

“Next stop San Francisco!” he howled. He throws his beanie off and lets his hair blow back. She goes to scratch his head but is surprised by her own blowy hair. While tying her hair back, the girl sprawls her feet out the window and lays on his lap. He smiles and she blows a big puff of smoke into his happy face.
“Ok my turn you addict,” he playfully snatches the cigarette from her and tries it for himself. She leans up and pulls the camera off the dashboard.
“ Oh you look soooo artsy,” she sarcastically says, “ smile!” and the little Polaroid flashes. He pushes the camera away and pops in an old discolored tape. Folk rock strums through the ole station wagon. For the rest of the day the lovely couple sings to the folk, bluegrass, and country tunes. They pull over to sleep.
He wakes up first. He rubs her velvet arm that’s cuddled around him. Her widespread doe blue eyes open.
“Wakey, wakey eggs and bacey,” she grumbles. He smiles at her cuteness. They lean up to a dew coated car. He opens the back car door and receives a nice cool surprise. The foggy ocean looks beautiful. Several seagulls glide by and the sea foam scent fills the couple’s nose. The salty crispness stings their nose and their grogginess fades. He gets out first to admire the setting around his station wagon.
“Who needs a house and a bed when you can have all this beauty? Plus I have you here.” he gestures for her to climb out of the back seat. The sun hits her skin and illuminates her entire face as she crawls out. She leaps toward him, and their bodies crash. He falls, and she initiates the barrel rolls down the hill. The couple rolls through the green ferns and onto the cool sand. She was a sucker for lovey dovey comments in the morning, so he receives a sweet kiss. He pulls back after the kiss, “ Let’s find a little store first where I can brush my teeth.” She cuffs her hands and smells her own breath. She agrees, and they walk back to the car holding hands.
Shortly after driving along the coast, the couple drives up to a small general store and breakfast nook. They step out onto the gravel. Walking up, the lovely couple sees their reflection in the windows. They were not looking so lovely. He holds the old wooden door open for her, as she stumbles inside. To their surprise, they were the best looking people in the place. He wraps his long arm around her waist, and they head towards the counter. A cheerful older lady greets them with a smile and offers them a table. The couple sits down.

“ What can I get you two lovely people?” the lady asks. Her wrinkly leather fingers were twisting nervously around her pen. He orders coffee with sugar, and she orders coffee with three creams. They also decide on a plate of bacon to start with. The lady scuffs off, and the couple holds hands.
The aromatic bacon comes shortly after their coffees. They both take a deep breath in to savor the thick meaty scent. Her creamy skin immediately goes green; she begins to gag. Her stomach turns, and she races to the bathroom. The old lady gasps at her quickness, and he quickly follows his girlfriend to the bathroom. Sounds of vomit hitting the toilet water echo into the diner. He leans against the door and rubs his brow.
“Are you doing ok in there?” he asks. He hates seeing her like this. He looks around for anything he can get her. “ Can I get you anything?”
“Get me a pregnancy test!” she screams. She could not remember the last time she had her period. She hears a thud outside the bathroom door…
After he regains consciousness, he sees her crying on the grungy toilet with the old waitress rubbing her back. In her right hand he sees the pregnancy test the old lady got from the general store. It was positive. He wondered how this could have happened. His heart was ripping seeing her on the floor like this. He walks into the bathroom and kneels down next to her. The waitress leaves and gives him a nod.
“Baby everything’s going to be ok.” He tells her.
“ How do you know!” she screams back. He picks up her hands and holds them in his.
“Because, I love you.”

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