Chapter One

April 30, 2010
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I get up slowly and drag my feet as I walk to my closet. Hmm what to wear? A skirt uh, No, I don't think so. I never even knew I owned a skirt. I will wear black skinny jeans. For my shirt it will be a orange tank top that says ''crap.’’ For shoes it will be converse. Yeah, I'm no girly girl, but hey, were not all perfect little dolls.
It’s going to be time for my first day at Mid-Way High.
I am so not excited. I am even a little nervous.
I do my daily exercise every morning and if I don’t then I won’t feel right during the day.
I do about 100 of these every morning. I have to watch my weight or else I'll get fatter. Yes, I mean fatter as in I'm already fat.
Look at that hideous girl in the mirror.. That’s why I do it. It haunts me to see that and every time I do I grab my knife and cut deeper and deeper each time so that I get a reason to keep going forward.
Not much to it really. I take a shower, brush my teeth, and get dressed. Now it’s Time for my hair. Ugh, why can't I be pretty? I look so heavy in my tank top. You can see my stomach sticking out. I look pregnant! Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I'm pudgy, okay?
I suck it in a little. A little better,but still. I pull my hair into a messy ponytail. My bangs fall back atop my face.
Ugh. That makes my face look chubbier. Okay, I'll just leave it down, no need to freak Amy. It hides my face so people won’t have to look at it. I take one last look in the mirror and take my brush and slam it against the mirror. I watch it shatter to pieces and it makes me think of myself crumbling to pieces like that. It makes me angrier though and I just want to scream bloody murder. Right before I can do anything else my mom yells at me.

"Amy let's go!" My mom yells from downstairs.

She's always in a hurry. I run downstairs as fast as my legs would take me. Maybe if I run, I might be able to burn a few calories off from last night.

I had a cookie and a bag of chips, over four hundred calories.

"Come on, Amy!" My mom looks really p***ed. Good.

"Okay, okay, gosh, I'm coming!" I yell. She looks at me with evil eyes. Good thing she can't kill me with those death eyes of hers.

"I am going to work and you're going to walk to school okay?"

"Yes, mom," I sigh.

She slams the door in my face. Tears start running down my tired cheeks. Why can't my life be okay for once? Why can't I be beautiful, skinny, and flawless? I take my hands and punch them into the wall to make them red. I can see the veins trying to pop out. I collapse on the floor crying. A few minutes later, I’m able regain my self-control. I take a few deep breaths, suck my stomach in, and walk out the door.

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