Forever Love

April 30, 2010
Warm sand between my toes, light breeze blowing my hair, setting sun on my bare skin. All of a sudden I stepped on a piece of coral and knew exactly where I was. I was in Key West on the beach behind my house. This is one of the greatest places to be. I moved here after I got married to Steve. I always wanted to live here ever since sixth grade when I went to Key West during spring break.

I started to feel rain on my skin, waves started crashing around me. My husband came running out of the house yelling for me to get inside fast. I started running towards the house. I couldn’t take another step once the wind started pulling me backwards. Steve started running towards me. When he got to me the wind was too strong to make it back up to the house. So Steve wrapped me in a big hug and told me “You’re not leaving me and I’m not leaving you. If this storm takes us to our deaths we know the other won’t have to move on in life without the other one with them.”

I hugged Steve back. All of a sudden the wind calmed down and we started walking back towards the house when a big gust of wind came and picked me and Steve up off the ground. We still held onto each other until all I could see was my vision going dark.

Light I see light! Just then as my eyes opened a figure stepped in front of me and wrapped me in a hug and I knew from that instance it was Steve. I was so overwhelmed that he was one of the people that I get to meet in heaven because I haven’t seen him since the day we parted ways in hurricane Anne back in Key West.

“Oh my! It’s you! It’s really you! I didn’t think that I would ever see you again.” I exclaimed

“I didn’t think that I would see you either.” Steve told me “Once I saw your eyes shut and your arms fall from around me I just grabbed you tighter until the light when down for me.”

“The other two people I have met taught me something that I wished I realized in life.” I told Steve “Are you going to teach me something?”

“Yes. I’m going to teach you something.” Steve said “If you truly believe in love and being with one person and one person only then you believe that love goes on forever no matter what. And that’s what happened with me and you.”

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