True Beauty

April 25, 2010
My name is Lauren. I was popular in high school and well liked (that is, if you weren’t my friend, you might as well be an outcast). I guess I’m the type of girl that’s ‘showy’ or better yet, ‘extravagant.’ I won’t lie...I was at one time; until I met someone who changed my perspective.

After leaving high school and moving on to college, my world as I knew it, changed…big time. Drama ceased to exist. Old boyfriends and crushes were history, and all my friends were diminishing. It was like starting all over again.

The first day of college was like being a freshman in high school. What if people pick on me and I don’t fit in? My palms started to sweat. No, that wouldn’t happen. College students don’t care about those kinds of things. Besides, I just got highlights, my makeup is flawless today, and my new clothes look really good.

My long brown hair fluttered in the wind as I strutted to my 8:15 class. All the guys were checking me out. This’ll be a piece of cake, I thought to myself. My confidence overflowed.

Then it happened. I saw the cutest guy. Tall, dirty blond hair, irresistible eyes… I was in heaven! All I needed to do was make a discrete move and I’m sure he could handle the rest. To my surprise, he didn’t even look at me when I purposely walked past him. He even turned his head away. Could there be a stain on my shirt and he can’t contain his laughter? That would be a nightmare! I quickly surveyed my blouse. No. No stain. Why wouldn’t there be something about me that he likes?

My focus was thrown off course thinking about how insulted I was and I showed up late to my first class of the semester. I found out later, ‘not so easily impressed,’ was in my English class. Mix feelings spun through my head when I noticed him hanging out with girls that wore hardly any makeup, dressed ‘modest-like,’ and didn’t care for their hair at all. Why isn’t he using his looks to attract women who actually look nice? Instead of fooling around in class, he just sat there listening to the lecture like a perfect student. I needed to know what was going on. Any boy at school would be honored if I tried to get their attention. All he does is sit there wasting his perfect face on lectures and shabby girls.

After class I saw him sitting alone. I walked straight up to him determined to resolve the questions lingering in my mind, “Hey.”

“Hey,” he seemed confused and uninterested.

I put on an irresistible pouty face (hard to ignore), “Is there a reason for why you’re trying to insult me?”

Surprised, as if he never even saw me he said, “I don’t even know you. How am I insulting you?”

“I walked passed you today and you ignored me! No one ever does that!”

“Look,” he said gently, his voice deep and pure, “I appreciate women who care about the inside more than the outside, if you know what I mean.”

I felt like someone just ran a spit through me…right to my heart. And for once, I felt warm and calm around a guy; not haughty or worried about what he thinks of me, but…relaxed and comfortable.


That night I thought for two hours about what he said. I kept replaying it in my mind. What more than beauty could attract a man? I wanted to know more about him. And this time, not for his looks, but the reason for the difference between him and other typical men. I sighed, “College is a whole new world,” and put the matter at rest.

The next morning, I thought long and hard weather or not to put on as much make up this time. My senses snapped back, “You’re crazy, Lauren! I think you’re losing your mind for some guy.”

My first mission that morning on campus was to find ‘mystery man.’ I searched for a good fifteen minutes…there he was, sitting alone studying for class. I decided to be bold and reel the truth out of him.

I walked up to him, “I don’t get you,” I said plain as day.

He seemed confused, “Excuse me?”
Oh my gosh! His voice is so cute! Okay, focus—

“And you are…” he continued waiting for an explanation.

Ouch. He didn’t even remember me from yesterday, “I’m the girl you met the other day,” I treated him like an idiot so I wouldn’t feel like one.

“Oh,” he said looking at me like I was a total freak, “I don’t remember you. And your name is…?”

“Lauren,” I blurted. By now I had forgotten to ask him whatever it was I wanted to ask him about. I was lost at sea in his deep, blue eyes. I never noticed how piercing they were before.

“Nice to meet you, Lauren.” There was an awkward pause, so he questioned further, “Can I help you with something?”

“Okay,” I finally said, “What did you mean when you said you care more about what on the inside of a girl than the outside? I mean why waste your time with girls that don’t take care of themselves when you look so—” Am I actually saying this to a guy? Earth to Lauren, you’ve never told a guy flat out that he’s cute!

He read my mind, and could have filled in the blank if he wanted to, but instead he looked at me with such kindness, it softened me to the core. My haughty stance melted to a humble one. He looked at me straight in the eyes, “When I get old, my looks will fade away, and the woman I marry has to love me for who I am, not for what I look like.”

I quickly recovered from his piecing gaze, “Sounds like something from a movie,” I said doubtfully.

“Look, I’m running late for a class,” he said hastily, “but, we can talk later if you want to.”

My heart raced with joy! Of course I want to meet up with him later! “Um, yea that’s fine,” I said trying to contain my happiness.

He started to walk away, “Wait!” I said more eagerly than I wanted to, “What’s your name?”

He smiled and said, “John.”


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