The White Rose *Chapter 1*

April 20, 2010
Emily ran her long, boney fingers over the note she recived that afternoon-
"Emily, do you want to go out to a college football game with me Sat. Nite? Call me- Jacob."
JACOB. The name ran through her head. He was the quater-back, all-star everyone wanted. But he was availible, due to the fact Gloria, his hot-ex, moved 2,000 miles away. She sighed, and called him up. One torturous ring. Was it a joke? After all, she WAS a geek- she got straight A+'s, played the clarinet, and wasn't on any sports teams. She was the invisible girl in the back of the room.

"Jay-low? Daimen here." The voice called. It was more matured for his possibl;e age, possibly the father or him. "Daimen who?" She asked, as she twisted her index finger arounf the wired phone. "Daimen Kinsley, who's this?" He answered. "Emily Forbe. Your brother-" "I'm sorry. Don't EVER talk to him, alright? He's just a big jerk who0 wants to use you-ah..." "Emily." "Emily.." He made a mental note of her name. He was in his room and just happened to pick up the phone while strumming his cherry-red vintage guitar.

"So... what now?" She asked. "Avoid him. He'll cause nothing but trouble.Listen to me. TRUST me." He responded. Emily was still hung up on the word TRUST.

She TRUSTED her mom to be there for her when she was five at a park in New York, but she left without her and people, BAD people, took her. She TRUSTED her dad to drive sober when taking her to her first day of Junior high, but he didn't, and killed himself in a car reck. She TRUSTED that her adopted parents would take care of her after they got her. But she was WRONG about all of them. She had TRUST issues.

"never ever EVER trust someone who says 'trust me'. and never EVER tell someone that. Because they LIE and DECIVE you. Got it?" She told him. "Yup. So... will I see you again?" He asked. "What? Am I like, your friend now?" She asked with a bit of unneeded sarcasim to her voice.

He paused. Were they? "Yeah, I guess we are friends. So- tommorow then?" He asked quickly. "Tommorow." She said, with a deffinate tone. She knew he wouldn't show, or whatever it was they were doing. "Bye." She said, and quickly hung up.

"Bye." He said on the other end. He strumed a few more bars of "Gives you Hell" by all american rejects. He gave up and went outside. It was about 10 PM. He decided to go for a walk, and called up Emily.

"Hey Emily? You want to go for a walk?" He asked as soon as she picked up. "She rubbed her eyes. "It's LATE and DARK. What do you think?" She responded. He was already at the door of her apartment when she came out. Emily wore ripped skinny jeans and a T-Shirt that said "Raawwrr! That means I love you in Dinosaur" And said, "Let's go." Hung up, and they left the apartment for a long night filled with---

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ellelavielovee said...
May 9, 2010 at 12:16 pm
i got really confused, who did she call? it was good otherwise
cupcakesNbrownies97 replied...
May 9, 2010 at 12:19 pm
Kay 1st of all, THANKS FOR READING! 2nd, she called Jacob, but Damien, his younger brother, answered the phone instead.
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