Lalala...Oh Snap Part 2

April 18, 2010
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It was like living with the devil itself. All the way up to midnight I was trapped with fake innocence, disgusting adult laughing, and the most worst of all, oh this was the one that almost made me crack, was that stupid, cute Cody being all so… so… blah! I hate how he bragged towards my parents about this and I quote, “Mr. and Mrs. Harper I have had top grades at my old school. I would be perfect for any tutoring, for anyone. Example I could tutor Courtney.” You see how he emphasized on perfect? Ugh, disgusting. I almost smacked him like there was no tomorrow. Anyways the worst part hasn’t even come, my parents actually agreed to it. That was what made me explode with fury. Are they really that dumb to fall for such a phony (in this case, Cody)?

Ah, well Cody might be thinking he has won and gone all the way to victory, but this is only the beginning for him and me.

I was enjoying a fine hot summery day while drinking a cool glass of grape soda with a side of spam sandwiches when an unexpected football landed on the deck I was sitting on. I sprang out of my plastic chair pouncing on the rubber football. I picked it up and glanced out over the fence which a boy was climbing over. Straining my eyes, trying to see the trespasser, I finally saw him; he was jogging over to the deck in beige shorts and a red button up shirt.

“Seeing you have my football can I have it back?” said a Cody who suddenly made the air around me drop fifty degrees. I held the football in my hand like I was showcasing it.

“Its funny how when someone is cruel to you one second and the next they’re on their knees begging for something pathetic. For example this football.” I smirked at him. He put his hands on his hips.

“No the funny thing is, is that you can still be mean while looking cute.” I gaped at him. Did he really just say that? I looked down to what I was wearing; blue jean shorts and a black t-shirt that I was too big for so I tied a chunk of it in the back. I regained my posture and raised my chin in dignity.

“Yeah and I can throw a perfect spiral in high heels too.” And with that I threw the ball to what I promised while wearing high heels. It soared high in the air and soon landed into his backyard.

“Dang, nice throw.” He said complimenting me. I rolled my eyes still hating him.

“Save it for another girl.” I spat and walked back inside knowing that I gave myself painful sunburn on my nose.

It was time for evil planning. After the event that happened that afternoon I knew it was time to call in my minion (a.k.a best friend named Sarah) over to plan a diabolical plan to destroy villain Cody.

We were lying on my bed with a notebook spanned out before us filled with plans that would demolish my ‘friendly’ neighbor Cody. Now I know your probably thinking ‘Geez what did that poor kid do to you? All he did was strategically and persuasively convinced your parents to tutor you. So what you don’t like being tutored. Gosh.’ Yeah well you haven’t been behind the scenes. For a summary he is a big fat jerk. First of all yes he is my tutor and that tutoring will begin tomorrow afternoon, second he has been giving me ‘compliments’, but I can read between the lines I'm not stupid, third he has been making ‘nice’ neighborly visits (if that counts from visiting every single hour of the day) to just make me annoyed, and fourth, well put it quite simply, he is the devil himself and if not, surly the son of the devil. That is the summary of the behind the scenes and the answer to my action of destroying him.

“I think we should teepee his house.” Sarah said confirming her decision. I nodded in agreement.

“When should we do it?” she asked staring at me.

“I think we should do it tonight. The faster we plunge into destroying him the better I’ll get.” Sarah nodded her head and then headed to the bathroom coming out with rolls of toilet paper.

“I think we should do something more beside toilet paper.”

“Like what?” I hate it when she questions my evil ability. Suddenly, a brilliant idea popped in my head like a light bulb clicking on over some ones head in the cartoons.

“Paint spray! We can write a message either on the side of his house or the front lawn.” I said with a nasty grin. Dang, I was really getting into this.

“Um… I don’t know about that. Wouldn’t we be vandalizing property?”

“We’re already doing that with teepeeing it. What does it matter? No one will catch us.” I said while returning my gaze back to the plans.

“But what if someone does?” she bit her bottom lip. I let out an exasperated sigh.

“If you are scared Sarah then don’t bother coming.” I confronted while putting on a pair of black jeans and a black shirt. Luckily, Sarah had a pair of really dark glasses that I could use. Deciding that Sarah has backed out of our plans I went on not bothering with her.

“Ok I'm ready. Are you coming?” I turned around with my brown sack of supplies. Reluctantly she shook her head for a no. I took a deep breath then turned and snuck down the stairs and quietly opened the front door.

I crept around the side of my house and headed towards the fence that separated my and the devils lawn. Finally, I reached the wooded fence. I searched for a part that was messed up and would make it easier to climb over since I wasn’t as flexible and strong as I look like. To my luck there was all the way down a part that leaned in towards me. Not as easy as I was hoping for, but well enough. I jogged towards my struck of luck and stared at my obstacle. I decided to jump and hope for the good. I took a couple of steps back and made a sprint. At the last second I leaped. Everything was going as planned, but my foot got caught in a low branch from a large tree beside the fence. I covered my face with my hands as I crashed onto the piece of wood making it crash to the ground. I smacked my knee onto the board making it ache in pain. I held in the scream of agony and stared at the silent house. What?! How in the world could they sleep through that loud commotion? I turned back at my dark house. No lights illuminating to answer the question that squeezed in. Wow, how lucky could I get?

After I recovered from the incident I crawled on the mossy wet grass, dragging my bag behind me. Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up. The pleading in my head repeated itself over and over. Finally I reached my first tree to teepee. Ah, and it seems that there is a wire fence to block me off. Well, that is just going to have to go. With all the strength that I could muster I yanked at the wire and the exact time I did a blazing light filled my vision. Squinting my eyes, I finally noticed trespasser lights that scare off, well, trespassers. They were all pointing at me. Snap… why didn’t I think of that? I and Sarah had gone over every single possibility that would be a flaw.

Suddenly, a noise of shouting came from the Bexely resident. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead. Then the door opened and there I was looking like a deer in front of Cody. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so his six back look like…um…let’s see…AWESOME! His hair was disarrayed, but in a sexy sort of way. Oh…my… gosh! Am I really checking him out? This had gotten completely out of control. Quickly I dug in my sack and threw the contents at him out of craziness. Then I ran once he started storming my way. He sprinted too and soon enough he grabbed me around my waist and tackled me to the ground. I wrestled with him, but of course like I told you I wasn’t that strong. He pinned me down by my wrist after a couple of seconds of struggle.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” he demanded. Obviously he isn’t that smart if he hasn’t -. I was cut off my thought as he yanked Sarah’s glasses off me. I closed my eyes hoping he wouldn’t notice my face from the dark.

“Courtney?” he hustled off me and helped me up. I pouted and crossed my arms from me and Sarah’s plans failing.

“Hello?” now he crossed his arms.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you.” I finally said.

“Look where you are Courtney. I can easily charge you for trespassing and you are being stubborn by not explaining.” I have to admit he is good. Maybe he isn’t as dumb as I claim him to be.

“Look…” I hesitated trying to put this into words that he would understand or even listen too though that would be unrealistic considering he is the devil. “Call off the tutoring and leave me and my family alone.” There that is quite simple enough for him and also demanding. He let out a booming laugh.

“Is this what this is all about?” he said while picking up a can of pink paint spray.

“Yes and I would have done it if it weren’t for your stupid house protection thingy.” I gestured towards the lights that were diming.

“Yeah, I bet you would have, but you couldn’t have.” He gave me a cocky grin.

“Jerk.” And with that I left.

“Whatever, but nice attempt.” And with that he left, too. I turned back around right when I was stepping over onto my backyard. He was picking up the rolled out toilet paper and cans of paint. I sighed.

“I’m going to have to the right thing, aren’t I?” I muttered to myself. With another sigh I trudged back onto his backyard.

“You need help?” Conner turned staring at me with those deep eyes. He shook his head then went back to cleaning up my mess. Oh, well. I asked him if he needs help and he said no. Won’t ever care in a life time, yet there was something deep down in me that wanted to insist on helping him to even be near him. WAIT! What in the world am I thinking? This is completely crazy. I hate this boy who has ruined my life. Now I’m actually falling for him? Ha, well that isn’t going to happen. I’m going to ruin this boy real good for making me suffer.

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