Lalala...Oh Snap

April 18, 2010
By loloff11 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
loloff11 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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“Courtney, would you like to summarize what we just discussed about.” Ms.Gernor frowned at me. I was secretly listening to my iPod so I unplugged my ear phones and stared at the chalkboard, trying to make since of all the junk.

“Ummm…” I reached for words, but was unsuccessful.

“Maybe next time Courtney you will listen better. Now please put away your iPod and pay attention or I’ll have to take it away.” She turned her back to me and started writing on the already full chalkboard. I rolled my eyes and plugged my ear phones back in. I turned up the volume to mute the nonsense Ms. Gernor displayed.

I was doodling in my notebook when the bell rang. Quickly, I got up and slipped out of the room. While walking down the hall I played games on my iPod. The halls were getting thinner and soon empty when I finally reached my locker. I was just about to win a game when I suddenly fell to the ground with a loud thump from my books.

“I'm sorry, are you alright? I didn’t see you.” As I grabbed my books and got up rubbing the back of my head I stood in front of a boy with dark curly hair flopping in his face, dark deep blue eyes and a killer grin. I was just about to fall down again when Mr. Stockner came down the end of the hall.

“Tardy Miss Harper, usual behavior from you. Mr. Bexely, I see you have managed your way to meet Miss Harper. I’m sure you two will get along just perfectly. You see Miss Harper, Mr. Bexely here is one of the top students at his old school. Maybe he can tutor you and you’ll get more successful grades in class.” He winked at the boy before stalking off to embarrass another pair of students.

I stared at the kid with a deadly glare. I hated when the teachers would try to set me up with tutors just because I didn’t get grades that meet their standards. It just ticked me off. Especially since Mr. Stockner was implying it more aggressively than usual.

“Wow, he seemed very intent.” The boy said rocking on his heels. “By the way my name is Conner Bexely.” He extended a hand towards me expecting me to shake it. I kept on glaring at him with hate. How can he gather up so much confidence to even speak to me after what just happen?

“Well, are you gonna shake it?” he said still holding out a hand.

“No.” I snapped. “I'm not gonna shake your hand. First thing to know about me; never talk to me ever again after a teacher tries to set me up with a tutor if you wanna have your nuts removed painfully.” I said harshly taking a step closer to him with defiance.

“Ouch. Isn’t that a bit harsh considering we just met?” he said obviously not catching the hint that I was serious.

“Wow, I thought you were smart? Tsk, tsk. Not living up to your plate. You should be ashamed with yourself mister.” I said while wagging my finger at him in an annoying teacher way.

“Teachers can say whatever they want about me, but it doesn’t mean that I have to live up to it.” He smiled a cocky grin that I wanted to instantly wipe off with a good punch in the jaw.

“Whatever. I don’t give a fish about what your theory is, but let me make this clear… don’t mess with me if you know what’s good for yourself.” I was about to walk off when he stopped me in mid step.

“And if I do mess with you?” I turned back around staring deep down into those pretty boy eyes.

“Then you’ll be going home without a nut and a face.” And with that I walked off knowing that I have already missed half of Spanish.

I arrived home finally after the hour of detention from Mrs. Haulm. Always did hate that that Lady. I slammed the door after me as I headed towards the kitchen to get something to chew on. As I passed the dining room I froze. Did I just see what I just saw? I asked myself the same question over and over as I slowly recounted my steps and turned to what I feared. Sitting around the table was my mom and dad with another couple and a squirmy teen in the middle. As I suddenly recognized the horrid face that I never wanted to encounter again with; my father caught sight of me.

“Courtney delighted to see you. We were just talking about you to our new neighbors and their son, Cody.” The parents smiled at me politely as for Cody leaned on the table grinning at me with humor behind those pink lips. My throat went dry and I dropped my book bag to the ground.

“What?!” I screeched still shocked from this unpleasant news. Cody chuckled; his parents had a confused look implanted on their faces, and my parents giving me a glare that read you-are-in-so-much-trouble-after-this-now-apologize. I shook my head not ready to give in just yet.

“What she means is that she is very excited to meet you guys.” Mom said giving a nervous laugh to them and a hostile glare towards me. I nodded knowing that I should start showing appreciation about them visiting. I took a couple of steps towards them ignoring the smirk planted on Cody’s face.

“I’m sorry… I …” I searched for words until they came as fast as I begun. “I was so shocked to see Cody here. I mean today at school I met him and I just was really pleasantly surprised to see him here, I guess.” I took out a hand and they shook it without further confusion. I pasted a fake grin and sat down for a long night that just might kill me.

The author's comments:
Now I really don't like to admit this, but I was inspired by Miley Cyrus's song 'When I Look At You'. And if you see the movie Last Song I was sorta inspired by that, too.

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