Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale (2)

April 18, 2010
By WerewolfRose SILVER, Aurora, Massachusetts
WerewolfRose SILVER, Aurora, Massachusetts
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Chapter Two: You have got to be Kidding me…

“He can’t stay here!” I barked at my mom. My dad and Adam were not home; they decided to go do something guys do. Don’t even get me started on it.

Having Adam in this house wouldn’t be that bad, but having an old childhood friend you barely know…now, that’s a whole other story.

My mom was in the kitchen, making pasta. She figured the guys would go out for dinner, so she decided on pasta; my dad hated pasta. She poured water in a pan and put it on the stove. She looked at me, her eyes stern.

“That is not your decision to make.” She acted so clam, like she was happy that he was here. Of course she was. She practically loves Adam. Eww.

“Is there any way, I don’t know, he can go live in the sewer?!” I growled. I placed my hands on my hips and stood there. I heard my mom sigh.

I still didn’t understand why I hated him so much…I think it had something to do when I was small. All I knew was that I wanted him out of this house…pronto.

“Honey, please. Your dad and I thought this would be good for you. To reconnect with your childhood friend.” She smiled. I sighed. Maybe she was right. Maybe this would be good for me. Ah, who am I kidding?

Adam is not going to stay here and I will make sure of that. Adam will be out of this house soon enough. I always get what I want and this, this would make me beyond happy. I smiled and walked up to my mom and hugged her.

“Your right, mom. Sorry I yelled.” She patted my hand.

“Here, make the salad.” She handed me the bag of salad and I took it. I grabbed the salad bowl, poured it in, and mixed. While I was mixing, thoughts were running through my head.

I had to figure out how to get rid of Adam. And me, well, I suck at coming up with mischievous plans. I leave all of that to Alex. Alex. I smirked. Alex would come up with the plan, that is, if she accepted. I already knew she would.

I finished up with the salad and put it on the dining room table. My mom walked out and placed the pasta on the table, under a wooden board. We both sat down, our plates and utensils all set out, and started to eat.
I hope Adam was having fun…because his life would be like hell after tonight.

“Mom, I’m going upstairs!” I shouted from the stair case. I should probably help my mom with dinner, but she understands if I don’t. She finds that my school work is more important. I need a career in life and with bad grades, where exactly would I get?

“Okay, honey!” I could hear the water running and then dishes clashing with each other. Then I remembered. I never told her about my grade in math. I scurried into the hall, reached into my back pack and pulled out the paper. I walked to the kitchen and stuck it on the refrigerator.

My mom watched me and when she saw what I put up, she smiled. I knew she would hug me, but with wet hands, she wasn’t getting any close to this outfit. No way.

“Oh! I’m so proud of you, Scarlett!” She cheered. “I’ll have dad hand you your reward when he gets home. Excellent job.”

“Thank you, mom.” I smiled and marched up to my room. When I got to my purple and black room, I sat down on the bed and took out my phone. I searched for Alex’s name and sent her a text.

To: Alex
From: Scar
Message: OMG, Alex! Guess what?

I was hoping it would sound more urgent, but this would do. After I sent it, I turned on my radio and the song This Afternoon by Nickelback started to play. I loved this song! I started to sing at the top of my lungs, even though it was in the middle of the song and my mom was down stairs. She didn’t mind when I singed. She actually enjoyed it, from what she told me.

Better hang on if you’re tagging along
‘Cause we’ll be doing this till six in the morning
Nothing wrong with going all night long
Time to put the brakes on, doesn’t matter when you gotta
Get up and go out, me and all my friends
Drink up, fall down, we’ll do it al—

My phone beeped and I saw Alex’s name on the front.

To: Scar
From: Alex
Message: Wat??? Wat, dear lord, don’t keep me waiting. Wat?? Oh! R u finally goin’ to tell me ‘bout ur secret bf?!

I laughed. Alex was always out there. I can’t believe she thought I had a secret boyfriend. Wow. I think Griffin gave her too much sugar…if you know what I mean.

I sent her this:

To: Alex
From: Scar
Message: Oh, slow down there, chica! No, idc ‘bout ur issues w/ waitn’ and no, idh a secret bf. But my childhood friend is livin’ w/ me, now! Save me!

Okay, so it was a little weird. But oh well. I put my attention back to the song, which was at the end of This Afternoon. The next song would start soon. I heard the door downstairs slam shut and voices. Guy voices. Dammit, they were back. I heard a beep.

To: Scar
From: Alex
Message: Oh, lucki ducki! Is it a he??????

I heard laughing downstairs. I turned up the music, the next song blasting. What’cha Say by Jason Derulo popped on.

To: Alex
From: Scar
Message: Yes. His name is Adam. But that is not y I txtd u. I need ur help. I want him outta here, pronto. & u hav a devilish mind.

I put my phone down and started to sing to What’cha Say.

…So now I know I should have treated you better
But me and you were meant to be together
So let me—

My phone beeped.

To: Scar
From: Alex
Message: Ooo. HOT name, prob. HOT bod, too. Wat he look lik?? ? Well, u came to ta right pers. Y do u want him gone?????

I was about to message her back, but someone opened my door and walked in. I looked up to see Adam. I rolled my eyes and turned down my music.

“What do you want?” I sneered. He shrugged and handed me twenty dollars.

“Your mom wanted me to give this to you.” I took it and put it in my pocket.

He was still standing there, looking at me. “What? You can go now.”

“Your mom wants us to talk.”

“’Bout what?”

“Y’know. ‘Bout each other. Get to know one another better.” I rolled my eyes

“That can wait till tomorrow. I have stuff to do.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, looks like it to me.” He said sarcastically. Then, when I went to get my phone, Adam took a hold of it and read Alex’s text.

“Hey! Give that back.” I snapped. He had no right to know what we were talking about! God, this is already one thing I hate about him.

After he read the text, he laughed. He laughed. “Wow. I didn’t know you wanted me gone that much. Is it because you can’t stand my perfect charm?” I rolled my eyes for the third time. I got off the bed, snatched my phone out of his hand and pointed to the door.

“Out!” Adam shrugged and marched out, but before he did, he murmured, “Don’t worry, I want out of this hell hole, too.”

The author's comments:
Here is the second chapter. Enjoy. Tell me what you think. :)

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Thanks! I'm glad you like i. :)

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