"An October Read"

April 13, 2010
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    I have learned that an epic tale cannot be told if it is told only so that the storyteller can detach from feeling alive. So, That is when i began. I came upon this realization while i sat in my home , alone. I had seen myself a grand teller of tales until this idea floated into my mind. The mere second it registered I arose from my seat, i drifted through my corridors with a look , I imagine vacant.I left my quiet house  without even bothering to closing the door from which i left. I wandered blankly, my feet following the leaf-ridden path. Every other step and stride was measured by the crunch of a leaf or two. I stopped when a voice rang out " Oi! Sailor! Where ye head'n?" I came to from my state and saw my neighbor smiling at me, "You alright Sailor?" He asked again. People around these parts use common seafaring slang as a lighthearted way to address one another. While i distinctly remember my feet still firmly on this stagnant ground. "I am?just fine and yourself?" I finally muttered out. "Alright, alright... I s'pose after all, best I been n' while!" He chuckled and smiled, I returned a laugh and made my farewell. But when i was but ten paces from him i turned back. I watched him as he strolled along the path, and with a sudden jerk of confusion and understanding  I had realized another Realization! For he,MY  neighbor, was a story! My neighbor a story! My neighbor, a story!HA! I laughed aloud. I returned walking this time quickly and in a rush. I had the serious urgency to get to town! I arrived shortly , since i was fast moving after all. I began to walk, NO, I began to pace around town square. Reading everyones face and imagining what grand stories they were!Every one of the a tale! A quest! An epic to be read and enjoyed! Not one of them trite nor a bore. No one would find themselves bored reading their stories! NO! Not the slightest! I apparently was walking quite fast now and in my?excitement I struck a lady, to whom fell. Priding myself a gentlemen i lent her an aid in getting up. In her fall, her hair, which was an autumn gold, had fallen over her face. Not until she arose and brushed it from her face did I see her. And when I did , my humble readers, when I did THEN I saw the story. And when our gazes met i saw such epics of the Gods and Men!.......And as i sit here i still read her story. I had been on a journey for a better story of men, and I found the Best story of God himself.?Go now readers, and read your tale, your myth, your epic, your plot, your parable,your saga, go and read your story.?Thus ends my story of stories.?

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Sarbear This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 7, 2010 at 7:45 pm
love this. i enjoyed reading it from the very beginning.
writergirl13 said...
Apr. 25, 2010 at 11:28 am
That's good, but it was a little too fast-paced and there are a few grammar mistakes. But otherwise, it's pretty interesting! :)
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