how long before you can't remember me?..

April 14, 2010
By scarlettletters BRONZE, Candyland, Michigan
scarlettletters BRONZE, Candyland, Michigan
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"gave it all and recieved nothing; may as well have let them take more." - sksk

One minute i'm about to be killed. And within the next milisecond, i'm on my bed.

'Wha.. What? What happend? How? What? How did I get here? christopher?!' My eyes started to water. I looked around, and found christopher right beside me. I jumped. I got off the bed and started walking away from him, pushing through him as he just stood there, dissapointed in himself. 'Just leave. I don't want to know HOW, or why. Just leave me alone. I can't freaking believe you. How could you do this to me?" I didn't care about being brutally honest at that second. I didn't care about anything. He rushed torwards me, and I ran. The thoughts clouded in my head, eventually just let me fall. Christopher hurried over to me, but I was already getting up, not even trying to deal with the splinters in my hand. "Cassandra! Wait! Please!" He exhaustedly said. His eyes were blue now, as I looked back at him, and stopped. I covered my face, fell on our swing set on our indoor porch, and just cried. I wanted some time alone. I wanted to just cry alone. I exhaled, stared at him again, then stared at the wood walls, initials, and things etched into them. 'Just let me explain..' He was right beside me now, stroking my arm back and forth. I obviously have no thought process into what I do - that explains the running. Everything was coming together now in my head. I heard it's good to cry - so in all honesty, I just cried everything out. I'm one for adventure, but not when i'm about to become a dead body, and not a girlfriend. I didn't want him to see me cry. He looked hurt. '..can .. you .. just .. leave?.. ... i... don't. .. know .. anymore ... i'm .. not.. strong .. no.. i .. don't.. i ..can't.. i.. i'm .. not.. good .. enou-' I said through sudden bursts of sobs. I breathed, trying not to show how much I loved when he stroked my arm. So I wiped away the tears and faced christopher. He was staring at me, smirking. He was supposed to be my assigned angel, but instead, I couldn't control my feelings, and here we are, in love.

"I had to go ... I didn't want them to catch us.." As much as I wanted to grab his face, and give him the most .. passionate kiss ever, I couldn't.. I needed to know what happened, and why he left to the skies. Does he understand what i'm feeling right now? I told him i'd want him forever, and when I told him that, does he understand i'm deathly scared when he has to go away for a day? Don't think i'm crazy here, i'm only worried because someone from the 'skies' could've killed us if they found us together. I had to accept that it was partially my fault, for even letting him take me there. I placed my hand on his cheek... and moved it down, until I felt the air.

"I'm.. so sorry. I wasn't thinking. It was my fault for letting you to take me there. Now I ruined it all.." I breathed. He blinked, and as my hand was placing back to the swing, he grabbed it and held it, stroking my thumb now. Listen to me, though. He knew my worries and thoughts, and he knew that I was only worried of dying alone.. That's when I get emotional. Then we get a chain reaction.

"It's .. not your fault. It really isn't. Why are you even thinking that? I almost got us killed. I just wanted to calm you down, by taking you there. Just you and me. I had no idea that the gaurds would be there. They never are, anyways." Before I had a chance to exhale for the second time, he lifted my chin up .. and so, that was the highlight of my day. For a couple of seconds, I pushed all my thoughts away just for this, this, took all my worries away. His lips were my remedy, all I needed. Our lips touched, and he played a little bit - then we became serious. I deepened the kiss by putting my arms around his neck. There, his hair turned platinum blonde, blonder than ever. He lifted me bridal style, and as I pulled away, plucked a beautiful flower, and placed it in my hair.

The author's comments:
I've had this idea for about forever.

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