Emerald Eyes

April 14, 2010
By , McFarland, WI
I screamed hoping you would hear me. I really shouldn’t have screamed. I could feel you tensing up again.

Your fangs slid in deeper into my skin releasing more of the crimson red that was now dripping on the faded floorboards. My neck was aching and I was beginning to feel faint. But you told me to keep going on.

Only a little while longer… you would plead. I would obey and slip deeper into your spell.

I tried to find your eyes. The beautiful sparkling emerald greens that I once knew. But… they weren’t there. Who was this? It wasn’t you. Your eyes were breath taking; I would stare into them and find myself daydreaming. These were malicious, vile, red rubies.

I gasped and felt your hands firmly grip me like a little kid clutching a favored toy. You grabbed a hold of my hair with one hand and the other slid down to my back. You knew I was going to faint. You knew this was the end. You didn’t want to say goodbye.

My world began to seem fuzz and everything begins to fall. Fading into black, my world becomes cold. Everything seems all but a second, my life, my family, my friends all but a memory.

I could feel the deep abyss of death. It was here, it was on me. I was dead.

I could feel everything become light, myself becoming weightless after what seemed like a thousand years of darkness.

There was a faint humming noise. Like voices, maybe it was you, trying to talk to me.

“Alyssa…” your voice called out to me. It was a beautiful sound, like hearing your favorite song on the radio, but I could never dislike your voice. It was like a angel’s voice. And you are a angel… a angel of Darkness.

I moaned, trying not to think of the pain. Everything ached. My head was going to explode and my neck was on fire.

I heard your voice again. “Careful, just try to rest a while, my darling.” I felt your fingers weave into my fingers. I played along with you, tapping our fingers together.

I opened my eyes to a whole new world. Everything was beautiful. I could see your lovely emerald eyes again. You were smiling. You knew I could never resist your smiles. You were too beautiful.

Your arms grabbed me and gave me a hug, squeezing me so hard I thought I might burst. I put my head on your shoulder and slipped into my dreams once again.

You are mine now, James. Your all mine.

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fyreflies said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 12:56 pm

It's absolutely beautiful. No offense, but with the vampire stuff going around, this is a tad predictable, but I liked it. You have some great adjectives going, but use more metaphors. Metaphors would make this even better.

Keep it up!

GirlInTheBeanie This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 7:21 pm

This is really, really good. 


I only noticed two problems, and you will not believe how tiny they are: in the last line, you said 'Your all mine' instead of 'You're all mine', and when you say '...angel of Darkness' maybe you should capitalized 'angel' as well so that it's '...Angel of Darkness.' Or whatever-- I didn't really care. That's it though. IT. 

I loved your writing style in here-- beautifully descriptive (love those adjectives), how short but i... (more »)

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