A Werewolf's Secret

April 14, 2010
As the wind howled and the autumn leaves crunched under her feet, Rebecca wondered why she had kept his secret. It wasn’t because he’d paid her and it certainly wasn’t because he’d threatened her. Deep down in her heart Rebecca knew she had promised to keep his secret because she loved him. It wasn’t the giggly screaming every time he came within two feet of her love. No, that was the love that most girls felt. Rebecca however wasn’t like most girls.

Suddenly she was pulled out of her thoughts by a low guttural growl right by her ear. She screamed as her books went flying to the sidewalk. “Oh God, Becca, I’m so sorry,” he said as she broke into breathless little sobs. “Hey look I forgot you weren’t used to my awesome new abilities yet.” His name was Stark Washington and he was the cutest boy she’d ever met. Staring up at him she could see his short, black hair in its usual disarray, his soft brown eyes, and his gleaming smile that was now pulled into a frown. “Well that just proves that I’m a monster,” Stark exclaimed looking sadder by the moment. Rebecca realized she must have still looked scared so she pulled herself together and rolled her eyes. They’d been having this argument ever since she’d found out he was a werewolf four months ago. “Please, she said “you’re not a monster I won’t let you become one.”

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emoVamp247 said...
May 1, 2010 at 5:24 pm
cool i love it you should write more!!!
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